Operations & Cost Analysis

Our expert approach to technology assessment and cost analysis helps you systematically develop and consider all of your options. 


LMI’s operations and cost analysis experts help our government clients analyze technologies, policies, processes, and complex systems. We analyze and assess the costs, benefits, and risks of their investments associated with existing or newly proposed programs, ranging from upgrades to the air traffic management system to a new ship for the Coast Guard. LMI adheres to a sound, documented cost estimating methodology, rigorous ISO 9001 quality-controlled processes, innovative operations research techniques, and a robust library of data and modeling and simulation tools.

We support sound strategic resource allocation and management by providing technology assessments, cost-benefit assessments, business case analyses, and analysis of alternatives. We use advanced mathematical models to represent complex interactions in function and performance of prospective technologies within the operational constraints of their environments. Performing these assessments in aerospace and defense has led to the development and use of a variety of validated tools, algorithms, and models to complement our domain knowledge. LMI’s staff includes ICEAA-certified (International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association) cost analysts, who reach back to world-class domain experts in all logistics disciplines, IT systems, human capital management, and financial management as needed for particular clients.

Because so many of our staff come from a government background, we have a high government IQ; we understand the needs behind cost-analysis information and how the information we provide will be used in practical implementation. We combine that domain understanding with our functional expertise in engineering analysis, operations research, mathematical modeling, economic analysis, statistical data analysis, and modeling and simulation to provide maximum value for our clients, including OSD CAPE, all DoD service cost centers, DHS, and NASA.

LMI’s operations and cost analysis capabilities include the following:

  • Program life-cycle cost estimating
  • Total ownership cost analysis
  • Cost and schedule risk analysis
  • Earned-value analysis
  • Rayleigh Analyzer™ Estimate at Completion
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Cost-performance trades analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness/cost-benefit analysis
  • Economic-benefit analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Business case analysis.

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