Facilities Maintenance and Management – Energy Management Services Schedule


We are qualified through our GSA Schedule contracts to help clients identify practical solutions to their energy management problems and issues and meet their program-mandated requirements.

Facilities - Energy Management Services SINs and Functional Disciplines Offered

We offer the following energy services under our GSA Schedule contracts.

  • Energy Management Planning and Strategies  (SIN 871-202)
    We offer a comprehensive set of energy management support services: energy planning and strategies; energy choice analysis; risk management; metering services; billing and management oversight; and preparing agency statements of work, energy program support, homeland security impact analysis, and alternative fuels application, planning, and assessments.

  • Energy Audit Services  (SIN 871-207)
    We offer energy audits, resource efficiency management, renewable energy and alternative fuels sourcing, building commissioning services, and innovations in energy services and water conservation and reuse.

  • Resource Efficiency Management (REM)  (SIN 871-208)
    We assist federal agencies by performing surveys and inventories to identify opportunities for energy conservation, pollution prevention, and other opportunities to improve resource efficiency.

  • Energy Consulting Services  (SIN 871-211)
    We offer comprehensive management and technical expertise that integrates our knowledge of laws and regulations and the expertise offered in the energy SINs above. Combined with our engineering disciplines, economic analyses, and organization skills, we are able to provide strategic and implementing strategies that allow practical and affordable solutions.

Energy Management Services Schedule Price List

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