Professional Services Schedule – Logistics Support Services (LOGWORLD) Functional Disciplines

We are qualified through our GSA Schedule contracts to offer clients practical solutions covering the full range of logistics services.

Logistics Support Services (LOGWORLD) Offered

We offer the following logistics services and products under our GSA Schedule contracts.

  • Supply and Value Chain Management Services (SIN 874-501)
    We offer extensive supply chain management support, including evaluating supply chain infrastructure, information, and performance; evaluating repair and production processes; creating integrated supply chain networks; and using electronic commerce tools to exchange supply chain information electronically.

  • Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services (SIN 874-503)
    We offer such services as tracking the movement of shipments, automating the collection and use of transportation data, and developing processes for supporting commercial air carrier passenger fleet planning and operation.

  • Deployment Logistics Services (SIN 874-504) 
    We offer numerous deployment logistics services, including evaluating contingency plans, assessing alternative deployment logistics strategies, evaluating processes for managing inventories of equipment, and assessing the appropriateness of integrating public- and private-sector logistics resources.

  • Logistics Training Services (SIN 874-505)
    We offer four standard logistics training courses, all focused on defense logistics concepts and practices.

Professional Services Price List

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