Innovation with Impact—LMI Research Institute (LRI)

Our research institute nurtures the advancement of ideas and concepts, synthesizing them into progressive yet practical solutions that catapult our clients’ missions.

A sandbox for innovation, inquisitive employees collaborate with our eminent ecosystem of talent and resources. Beyond the lab, viable projects are tested and applied, leveraging the latest technologies in real-world scenarios—from incubation to maturation.

Our research centers on the greatest challenges our clients will encounter. This focus, coupled with the most advanced technologies, processes, and strategies, enables us to anticipate and respond through agile execution.

Our core areas of focus include advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital services, advanced analytics, big data, war-gaming, cyber, and next-generation logistics.

Research & Development (R&D)

LMI continually enhances its capabilities by conducting a robust R&D program that includes both internally-funded explorations and research partnerships with our government clients. R&D projects are focused on helping our customers prepare for future challenges, with emphasis on LMI’s core offering areas: advanced analytics, digital services, logistics, and management advisory services. Innovation concepts feed our multi-year research roadmap, with key challenges drawn from our employees’ deep understanding of the Defense, Homeland Security, National Security, and Health domains. Our internal ideation portal – IdeaLab – fosters and rewards this culture of innovation within LMI, and drives our success in addressing the government’s most difficult challenges.

LMI's Technology Accelerator

Forge builds scalable technology solutions for our customers. We leverage agile methods and human-centered design for our offering development to rapidly deliver technology solutions that facilitate connections with the federal market and engage users. With LMI Forge™, customers have improved efficiency and delivery time, high-quality and sophisticated technical solutions, high-caliber talent, and scalable and reusable technology.

More About Forge™

The LMI Fellows Program

The LMI Fellows Program recognizes LMI employees who have a demonstrated track record of sustained success in addressing our clients’ most difficult challenges. These innovators are sought both internally and externally for their deep domain knowledge, extensive breadth of experience, and world-class technical leadership. The LMI Fellows serve as thought leaders on our client-facing engagements, but also serve internally as mentors for LMI’s next generation of innovators.

Meet Our Fellows

Academic Partnerships

The LMI Research Institute (LRI) has formal working relationships with universities across the U.S., bringing industry and academia together to spur innovation and explore groundbreaking research. LRI’s academic partners receive structured funding and student mentorship on applied research projects that have the potential to significantly impact government customers. 

Benefits of Being an LRI Academic Partner

  • Sponsored research—Receive access to funding for sponsored research on topics that align with LMI’s strategic plan and key initiatives. Collaborate with LMI researchers to shape the project’s scope, to ensure the research piques your interest as you contribute to solutions that will benefit LMI's clients.
  • Student enrichment programs—Enable students to gain practical work experience through internship opportunities and research topic support.
  • Annual Government–University Forum—Participate in yearly meetings focused on academic support of government management issues, providing networking opportunities with senior government officials, LMI experts, and faculty and students from other partner universities.
  • LMI staff research support—Receive advice on grant applications and research from experienced LMI researchers. Use LMI research support at no cost to the university or faculty.
  • Bridge to government—Gain insight into challenges facing the federal government through invitations to participate in LMI forums. You’ll hear senior government leaders discuss emerging or long-standing issues with their peer experts in academia and industry.


Our Academic Partners

LRI Academic Partners 2021
LRI Academic Partners 2021

Funded Research

LRI selects academic partners through an annual competitive funding process. Once funding has been awarded, LRI collaborates with partners to ensure projects can be applied directly to challenges facing the federal government.

Current Projects

  • Crafting Success for Underrepresented Scientists and Engineers (Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems and University of Virginia)
  • Developing a Low-Cost Integrated Internet of Things Ecosystem for Asset Management (George Washington University)
  • Mitigating Risk of Counterfeit Parts in the Electronic Parts Supply Chain (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Toward Reliable and Continuous Operation of Internet of Things (University of Texas at San Antonio)

Previous Projects

  • Cyber Incident Response: Models and Platforms for Information and Resource Sharing (University of Texas at San Antonio)
  • Decision Support System for Malaria Vaccine Procurement and Inventory in Developing Countries (George Washington University)
  • Enhancing Situational Awareness for Emergency Response Using Social Media Provenance (University of Texas at San Antonio)
  • Finding Key Features in High-Dimensional Data Through Dimension Reduction Methods (George Mason University)
  • Integrating Big Data and Transaction Data to Develop Supply Chain Dashboards (Saint Louis University)
  • Leveraging Historical Emergency Data to Support Emergency Management (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Logistical Pathways to Critical Diversity in Organizational Leadership (Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems and University of Virginia)
  • Measuring Successful Disaster Recovery (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Optimal Power Flow Contingency Planning for Electrical Grid Systems under N-K Failure Scenarios (Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems and University of Virginia)
  • Response and Recovery: A Quantitative Approach to Emergency Management (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Scheduling Algorithms for Service Organizations (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
  • Shareability and Accessibility to Big Genomic Data (George Mason University)

LMI Government–University Forum 2016 Recap

Government–University Forum

LRI hosts an annual full-day forum to afford university partners unique access to government and industry leaders. Participants discuss their mission, challenges, and ideas for future research. These conversations form the foundation of LMI’s research solicitation to partners later in the year.


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