A Better Way to Scale

Admittedly, that’s a bold statement. But it’s also one we have, and will continue to, deliver on. LMI brings innovative solutions to solve the government’s toughest challenges. And we will continue to do so by broadening our technical expertise through targeted corporate acquisitions. By investing in research-backed innovation. By committing to workforce training and development. And by recruiting the best talent. Doing this will make us an ever more complete solutions provider to an increasingly larger customer pool. We are building capacity in data-driven analysis, expert objective advice and independent research to give customers confidence that we’re more than single points of success.

Synergy-Driven Acquisitions

The Tauri acquisition brought extensive science and technological acumen to LMI. This newly gained expertise in life sciences and rapid prototyping helped secure LMI’s first award supporting DoD’s Joint Health Risk Management (JHRM) initiative, led by the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense (JPEO CBRND).

Under the three-year, $12.8 million contract, LMI will develop a toolkit to enable accurate and timely documentation of occupational and environmental health risks facing U.S. service members. In the field, the toolkit will provide commanders with improved situational awareness and a suite of risk management tools. Additional capabilities include automated health risk assessments, information management applications, and monitoring algorithms—tracking a service member’s exposure to toxic industrial chemicals, radiation, blast overpressure, and other hazards. 

pipeline opportunities

in new pipeline opportunities as a result of combined LMI and Tauri capabilities

Growing the Right Way

Since joining LMI shortly before the Tauri acquisition, chief human resources officer Donna Diederich has led the integration of 150 Tauri employees and 680 new hires in 2019.

“LMI’s strategy is to grow, but to grow in the right way—enhancing our support to clients and in how we support our people,” said Diederich, who was named to the “Top 10 HR Execs to Watch in 2019” list by WashingtonExec.

Helping LMI navigate its growth strategy—encompassing organic growth, acquisitions, and internal mobility for employees—appealed to Diederich. She sees mobility as a cornerstone of workforce development and retention. In all, 13% of LMI’s 1,500 employees have transitioned within the company this year.

Developing our team members is a core LMI behavior and Diederich is excited about the organization’s commitment to cultivating its culture, talent and leadership. LMI offers $15,000 per employee for annual professional development, certification and training opportunities. “We are really focused on developing our program managers as leaders of people and as technical experts,” she said. “It takes leadership at all levels to make this company run.”

“Providing opportunities to explore meaningful work, wherever it is in the organization, is key to retaining our talent. Our employees thrive on challenges; they should know they don’t have to go somewhere else when they’re ready for something different.”

— Donna Diederich,
M Chief Human Resources Officer


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