Developing ServiceNow Expertise, Inside Out

April 10, 2019

LMI Staff

Andy Cooney, Shruti Carr, and Brian Childress

When the human resources office at the U.S. Department of State (DOS) sought expertise in managing survey workflows for exiting employees, LMI’s Solutions Development Services (SDS) group had a demonstration ready: the very solution LMI uses for its own employees through the cloud-based workflow platform ServiceNow. “State had been trying to source an exit survey solution for a long time,” said DOS program lead Shruti Carr.

The timing was fortuitous; State had recently reached an enterprise license agreement with ServiceNow, making LMI’s offering potentially more simple and cost-efficient to implement than a standalone solution. “It all came together once we discussed the benefits of ServiceNow as a platform,” Carr said.

ServiceNow, which Forbes named atop its 2018 list of “The World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies,” has been hailed as the fastest-growing billion-dollar software company. It counts nearly three-fourths of Fortune 500 companies as clients and has made inroads at the federal level. This presents a tremendous opportunity for LMI to establish itself as a leader of ServiceNow solutions for government.

At the heart of LMI’s ServiceNow strategy is the organization’s deep understanding of federal customers and customized solutions that harness ServiceNow’s varied functionality. Carr’s client joined a growing portfolio for which the SDS group leverages solutions developed initially for in-house purposes. This approach, known as “customer zero," is highly regarded for enabling organizations to develop and validate technology solutions and best practices before deployment for clients.

“Without customer zero, we would have had to spend client money trying to determine the best way forward,” said SDS consultant Brian Childress, who has supported Carr and her client throughout the effort. “Customer zero gives me a place to build prototypes that we may be able to use at LMI. We were able to figure out the best available process and development style for the client before starting work.”

The work of Childress and the SDS group has produced a library of customized applications that says a lot to federal clients unfamiliar with ServiceNow’s problem-solving potential.

“We rarely start from scratch,” said Andy Cooney, the enterprise solutions manager who leads LMI’s ServiceNow team. “We tell clients, ‘We understand your business, and we found these challenges. Here’s how we addressed them internally. We can do it for you, too.’”

The ServiceNow team facilitated several of LMI’s transformation management initiatives in 2018, including an overhauled performance management process and the implementation of an enterprise risk program. The platform also enables activities in human resources, finance and accounting, security via a visitor registration system, and the Enterprise Technology Services help desk. “We would not have accomplished as much in supporting those goals without the additional resources that serving as customer zero provides,” Cooney said.

LMI’s client-facing expertise is a reflection of its robust internal use of ServiceNow. The two efforts are mutually reinforcing. “The internal challenges we addressed with ServiceNow, the government also needs addressed, and at a much larger scale,” Cooney said. “Understanding how to scale our customized solutions is a great advantage.”

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