Can Your Organization Implement Change?

August 31, 2017

LMI Staff

An estimated 75 percent of all change efforts fail. From a management perspective, lack of effective communication and measurement top the list of common pitfalls. On a more intrinsic level, people typically avoid change.

LMI offers a robust “best of breed” approach to change management based on industry research and years of experience helping organizations plan, implement, and sustain change.

“We equip clients with knowledge of how to handle future change efforts while at the same time institutionalizing a current change,” explained Sue Nicholas, Director, Organizational and Human Capital Solutions, LMI.

A Change Methodology That Is Easy to Understand

Five steps—Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, and Drive—help move your organization through change. Clearly defined activities, outputs, and outcomes for each step provide structure for implementing change and enable your organization to understand the purpose of the change. Effective communication, measurement, and evaluation are wrapped into each step—a signature feature of our approach.

“You must engage stakeholders upfront, so they understand the ‘why.’ You must engage them in the middle to understand the ‘how,’ and at the end so they see what has improved,” Sue said. “If you don’t communicate throughout the process and you don’t know how to evaluate whether you’re making progress, you will fail.”

Communication was essential to the successful deployment of an enterprise-wide human resources (HR) portal for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Creating a centralized website to provide easy, on-demand access to HR systems, information, policies, and programs triggered a significant change in how employees experienced HR information and services.

We developed a communications plan with targeted engagement strategies for representatives from NASA’s centers, who provided significant input into the design, testing, and rollout of the portal. Once deployed, we gathered feedback from representatives to track how well the portal was meeting employee needs and make appropriate course corrections.

Guiding Principles for Change Management

In developing our methodology, we conducted extensive research, including academic articles, the change philosophies of some 20 organizations, and 20 of LMI’s change management projects. We distilled our findings into six guiding principles.

  1. Change should be people focused
  2. Cultural and contextual knowledge informs change
  3. Ongoing awareness of the current environment is needed throughout the change process
  4. Clear, frequent, and consistent communication is critical for transparency, understanding, and adoption
  5. Ongoing measurement helps monitor change progress and enables redirection, if needed
  6. Core principles of change management should be taught while managing change

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