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Employee Spotlight: Meet Todd Stiefler

March 13, 2023

LMI Staff

How long have you been with LMI?   

I came to LMI 4 years ago from a large industrial software company where I was a product manager and a commercial leader across aerospace, defense, and commercial marine verticals. Before that, I worked for about 10 years in and around Capitol Hill, principally as a defense and foreign policy advisor to three U.S. Senators. 


What are you responsible for as vice president of solutions at LMI?   

My team, Forge™ Engage, brings LMI innovations to the customers who need them. We invest in the right technology areas through our Forge™ rapid prototyping product development capabilities, then deliver those solutions to agencies—launching solutions, engaging with customers, and scoping use cases for pilots and proofs of concept. 

Todd Stiefler

What has been your role in supporting LMI’s suite of capabilities?  

In 2022, LMI formed the Forge™ Engage team to accelerate innovation for our logistics portfolio—for which we’ll be launching most of our new solutions this year. We’ve been deeply involved in creating customer-focused points of view around delivering data-driven fleet management through predictive analytics, offering on-demand supply chain resiliency through LogSmart™ Supply, and helping customers navigate the challenges of contested logistics. My team organizes around concrete, customer-focused use cases to deliver rapid time to value for our customers.   


What types of capabilities do we envision LMI supporting for DoD, and specifically for the Army of 2030? 

Contested logistics is where LMI will make the greatest impact in the coming years, specifically, helping the Army and joint logistics enterprise function and thrive in a contested environment. For more than 60 years, DoD has relied on LMI to deliver high-quality, model-driven, decision support for logistics challenges. DoD must modernize and ruggedize its models for sustainment against peer competitors in distant theaters across the full spectrum of conflict. LMI is uniquely suited to address this challenge.  

Ten years ago, we offered headquarters-level support through human capital—recognized experts in defense logistics. Since then, we’ve augmented that logistics expertise with teams of data scientists, full-stack engineers, and product developers to deliver highly valuable applications and solutions for warfighters at the tactical edge. We work on mobile applications, help our customers think about disconnected operations, and envision the operating systems for logistics command posts in the field. Our modernization efforts are technology-informed but generally vendor-agnostic, using the technology assets that the government already has and around which it’s already scaling. 


Why do you like working at LMI or why did you pick to work at LMI?   

I came to LMI because of the people and the mission. The team is outstanding across the board, not just as subject matter experts but also as great people and colleagues. Combining that internal culture with a strong external focus on customers and their needs, above all else, results in a great organization. 


What has been the most impactful project you have supported while working at LMI?   

Launching Forge™ Engage has already changed the company. Every day, we accelerate LMI’s growth and transformation into a different kind of government contractor—a company that understands customer missions and context deeply and uses our unique technical expertise to deliver user experiences in a platform- and vendor-agnostic way. 


What’s the part of your job that makes you excited to come to work every day?   

At any time, we’re working on five to 10 complex customer problems that require creativity, empathy, and collaboration. Our close involvement with our customers lets us experience the immediate results when we give them something transformational. That agile discovery and delivery process energizes me, making the job great. 

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