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Employee Spotlight: Meet Randy Dragon

February 22, 2023

LMI Staff

What are you responsible for as a principal in business development at LMI?

LMI delivers cutting edge capabilities to our customers. My responsibility within LMI is to help identify challenges and find solutions to Army requirements.


What made you decide to work at LMI?

Within the LMI family, I found a culture focused on finding solutions to our government’s hardest problems and an organization with the best leaders I’ve seen since leaving the Army. The culture was important, but behind that culture were people and leaders who focused on customer needs, inspired creativity, and truly care about America.     

How long did you serve in the United States Army and what was your role/MOS?

I served in the Army as an infantryman for a little over 30 years with units in the United States and Germany, and deployed for training or operations into South Korea, Honduras, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Iraq.  


What synergies do you see between LMI and its capabilities and the way the Army operates?

America’s Army is an all-volunteer force that deserves to have the very best capabilities our nation can provide. As citizens, we have an obligation to give our Soldiers the edge needed to fulfill the Army’s mission: deploy, fight, and win. Even with ever-evolving technology, we still need on-the-ground assets to demonstrate our commitment and control ground. LMI is digging deep into areas that increase situational awareness, generate agility, and drive decision dominance by finding ways to provide higher quality, relevant information faster and more precisely so that our Army operates well inside of our potential adversary’s decision cycle.   


Based on your experience, what makes LMI different from other government consultancies?

Some might offer a report and alternatives—what I have seen from LMI is that we provide viable courses of action and also have the expertise to help our customers implement those solutions.


Of your many accomplishments of serving as a leader in the United States Army, what makes you the most proud?

I am proud to have served with the great Soldiers who are our Army, and the privilege we had to serve alongside their families. Our Soldiers along with their fellow Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and Space Guardians are the backbone of our great nation.

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