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Fellows Spotlight: Exceeding Customer Expectations

June 22, 2020

As a data analysis fellow at LMI, Rob Kline serves as a technical lead for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force (USAF). He is an expert in systems modeling, data analytics, logistics analyses, and software development. Rob strives to utilize his expertise to help LMI become a center of excellence for defense logistics and provide our nation’s military with unique solutions.

Rob focused on LMI’s Aircraft Sustainability Model® (ASM®), a breakthrough method for computing spares requirements for all USAF aircraft to ensure squadron readiness during deployments. Currently, Rob integrates ASM® into logistics systems and models to develop a much broader approach to improving aircraft and system performance.

Rob enjoys collaborating with team members of varying backgrounds and levels of experience as they solve interesting client challenges. “What has kept me at LMI for these past 30 years is teamwork,” says Rob. “Working with people who listen and expand on each other’s ideas provides the synergism for the task to produce something much more than what the client expects, something that will make a difference.”

Rob believes innovation must be driven not only by tailoring established solutions to the customer, but also by incorporating and evolving new capabilities into unique solutions. Since he has supported multiple defense markets over many years, he knows the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions. This experience helps him select the best course of action for his customers.

Management isn’t for everyone. Rob says: “The Fellows Program differentiates LMI by providing a technical path for all LMI employees to shoot for, if that is their true passion. As a fellow, you have the time and flexibility to focus on many different and rewarding areas: research, innovation, offerings, and mentoring. Plus, meeting with other fellows broadens the possibilities even more.”


“What has kept me at LMI for these past 30 years is teamwork.”

Rob Kline

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