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LMI Is Hiring Our Heroes

May 21, 2019

LMI Staff

Recognized by the Military Times as a Best for Vets Employer for 10 consecutive years, LMI is proud to support veterans through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program. As a part of the firm’s Integrated Workforce Management initiative, LMI introduced the 11-week Career Skills Program, designed to support transitioning service members looking to gain experience by working in the private sector prior to their separation from the military. The fellows will identify a capstone project and deliver their findings to LMI’s senior leadership team upon program completion.

LMI’s Integrated Workforce Management business partner and program sponsor Rick Ferry said, “We are proud to support the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program. We are humbled that these fellows chose LMI, and we look forward to supporting them through their transition into the private sector.”

This May, LMI welcomed three fellows: Derek Johnson, Chip McLean, and William Johnson. They will shadow LMI colleagues, visit client sites, meet with LMI leaders, and support internal projects. The fellows recently sat down with us to answer questions about their experience at LMI thus far.

Chip McLean, Will Johnson, Rick Ferry, and Derek Johnson

Derek Johsnon


Retiring Sergeant Major (E9), U.S. Army


Derek comes to LMI after serving the Army as a human resource specialist. Most recently, he held a position as the Deputy Chief of Staff G1 Sergeant Major, responsible for developing, managing, and executing manpower and personnel plans, programs, and policies for the total Army.

Why did you choose LMI as part of your Hiring Our Heroes program?

I first heard about LMI through a networking source, and I was interested in the company’s support to veterans. LMI completely understands the importance of training, developing, and educating their people, so the choice was easy. During my time here, I'm hoping to gain a valuable professional experience in workforce planning, recruiting, and talent management of the company.

What are your first impressions of LMI?

Everyone at LMI has embraced me from day one and has been willing to assist me as much as possible. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how LMI invests in employees through professional development. I can also tell that employees respect one another and that it’s just a great climate.

What is your role at LMI, and how does it relate back to what you did during your time serving in the military?

I’m working within LMI’s Management Advisory Services service line, and I’m truly excited. Working here reminds me of my time in the military, and I can use collaborative efforts to provide solutions for our clients. There’s never a dull moment, but there’s always an opportunity to make a difference.

What else should we know about you?

I’m an active member in the community and in mentorship programs, and I enjoy giving back. I will make myself available as much as possible for the team. I enjoy working, but I also like to have fun when the situation or opportunity presents itself. My wife and I are raising our children—Octavia, Christine, and Derek Jr.

Chip McLean


Retiring Colonel (O6), U.S. Marine Corps


Chip joins LMI’s Logistics service line from the Marine Corps’ Capabilities Development Directorate, where he recently served as the Director of the Ground Combat Element Integration Division. In that role, he managed $10 billion in total lifecycle requirements for the service’s ground combat programs, including those for uniforms, rifles, optics, rockets, artillery, anti-ship missiles, combat vehicles, and unmanned systems. Chip has extensive experience in regional affairs and security cooperation with tours in CENTCOM, INDOPACOM, and SOUTHCOM.

Why did you choose LMI as part of your Hiring Our Heroes program?

I chose LMI because of its sterling industry reputation and diverse, veteran-friendly, and innovative culture. My goal is to immerse myself in LMI’s workforce and learn what the company’s advanced analytics practice brings to their markets and other service lines.

What are your first impressions of LMI?

So far, I have noticed that the environment is truly warm and welcoming. Everyone has been so open and gracious with their time. I’m excited to work with such a solid roster of knowledgeable professionals.

What is your role at LMI, and how does it relate back to what you did during your time serving in the military?

I’m working within LMI’s Logistics service line and am excited to share my experience in ground systems development and heavy armor equipment operations and logistics.

What else should we know about you?

I’m a Marine Corps “amtrack” officer by training. YAT-YAS (if you don’t know, just ask me)! My wife, Candice, and I live in Woodbridge, Virginia, with our four children—Roan, Tate, Connor, and Carys.

Will Johnson


Retiring Gunnery Sergeant (E7), U.S. Marine Corps


Will served for 22 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, most recently as a Career Planner based in Quantico, Virginia. In this position, he was responsible for ensuring all Marines had the appropriate career development tools available while staffing all billets with the most qualified Marines within each military occupational specialty.

Why did you choose LMI as part of your Hiring Our Heroes program?

I selected LMI because of its proven commitment to the military community. I plan on learning the core values and priorities of LMI through networking and contributing to any areas needing my support.

What are your first impressions of LMI?

I truly feel that the leadership at LMI values input from their teams. It feels like a family here.

What is your role at LMI, and how does it relate back to what you did during your time serving in the military?

I'm working on a skill taxonomy project that is very similar to my role in the military as the Lateral Move Chief. For Marines to be qualified for a lateral move, their skills are identified, screened, and vetted. If they meet the qualifications and have the required certifications, they are approved for the lateral move.

What else should we know about you?

I am passionate about community service because as a child, I was deeply impacted by someone who helped me through community service, and that forever changed me. My wife, Nekeshiea, and I are raising our five children—O’Shun, Jobie, Elijah, Will Jr., and Tristan.

Did you know?

  • In 2018, 729 transitioning service members and military spouses participated in the Corporate Fellowship Program.

  • Over 200 companies across the U.S. participated in the program.

  • Upon completion of the program, fellows had a job offer rate of 92%.

  • Of the fellows, 11% have associate’s degrees, 56% have bachelor’s degrees, and 33% have master’s degrees.

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