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LMI Luminary Award Winners

August 9, 2018

LMI Staff

In 2018, LMI introduced the Luminary Awards to recognize the significant achievements of employees and teams who exemplify the values of leadership, mission and innovation

Luminary Award Winner for "Mission":
The LMI team supporting the U.S. Army's Civilian Workforce Transformation

The U.S. Army's Civilian Workforce Transformation (CWT) initiative examines existing civilian workforce programs and offers recommendations and modifications. CWT epitomizes the Army's vision of a civilian workforce management program, providing the ability to attract and retain top talent and prepare the civilian workforce to succeed in leadership positions throughout the Army.  

When LMI began supporting employee engagement for CWT, the Army had placed 17th among 19 large agencies for two years in a row on the annual federal “Best Places to Work" rankings. The Army's Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) scores had also declined rapidly, indicating a dramatic decrease in employee engagement. The Army lacked a comprehensive approach to grow enterprise leaders and talent across commands as well as civilian professional development tools to empower and enable the workforce. 

The LMI CWT team worked tirelessly to support the CWT mission and has produced significant results.

  • More than 300 Army leaders and supervisors took part in employee engagement training, action planning, and strategies. 

  • LMI helped the Army build four major talent management programs, including enterprise leader development for GS-11s to GS-15s. 

  • 100 percent of GS-11s through GS-15s have access to an enterprise talent management program. 

  • 100 percent of civilians are assigned to a career program, up from less than 40 percent in 2001. 

In the last year, the CWT team created new talent management and leadership development programs; launched a review of and focus on the Army Civilian Culture Strategy; and created curriculum for and facilitated employee engagement training for Army leaders on change management, high performance, and accountability. For 2017, the Army's FEVS response rate increased by more than seven percentage points, the Employee Engagement Index score rose more than three percentage points, and the Army placed 13 out of 18 large agencies in the “Best Places to Work" rankings. This improvement reflected the second largest increase in scores across all large agencies. 

— Christen Smith