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Raising Cybersecurity Awareness

October 4, 2018

LMI Staff

LMI is proud to participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October. We’re joining the global effort among businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to promote best practices for online safety and privacy.

At LMI, we strive to protect our employees – and the networks and data they use to serve our customers – from social engineering attacks. Learn more about three types of social engineering attacks commonly used by malicious actors to compromise online devices.

Social engineering is particularly problematic on platforms like Facebook. By sharing information about ourselves, friends, and family members, we enable imposters to appear more genuine, with their scams becoming harder to detect. Following the recent announcement that up to 50 million Facebook accounts were compromised, the Federal Trade Commission advised users to change their account passwords and look out for imposter profiles. Learn more about protecting your identity at


Established in 2004, National Cyber Security Awareness Month offers a reminder to make your online experience safer and more secure, everywhere you go. Here are a few of the precautionary measures you should think about:

  1. Update your operating system, browsers, and apps. Whether it’s your personal laptop, mobile device, or Internet-enabled coffeemaker, check to be sure you’re running the most recent operating system. Updates often have security enhancements to mitigate newly recognized malware and technical exploits. Continuing to run older software makes you more vulnerable. The same goes for web browsers and mobile applications.  
  2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). This widely adopted security feature for email, financial, and social media accounts enhances login protection. Learn how to enable 2FA for popular services at
  3. Back it up. Have a backup plan for your data to protect personal information, music, photos, and other valuable files. Set up an external cloud drive or cloud service to periodically or automatically copy your data.

LMI encourages everyone to do their part to promote and practice good cybersecurity. To get involved this National Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for resources.

Personal Information is Like Money. Value It. Protect It.

Personal information
is like money.

Value It. Protect It.

Keeping the internet safe and secure is our shared responsibility.


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