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Vice President of LMI’s Health and Civilian Markets on Being a Servant and Supportive Leader

July 23, 2019

LMI Staff

Pat Tamburrino Jr.

Pat Tamburrino Jr. joined LMI in 2014 to lead LMI’s Health and Civilian markets. A former career member of the Senior Executive Service, he came to LMI from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness). As the OUSD(PR) Chief of Staff, he oversaw the management and day-to-day operations of the organization. He advised the Under Secretary and the Secretary of Defense on a wide range of military force management issues. We spoke with Pat to get his insights on what is important to him as a servant, motivational, and supportive leader.  

What are you responsible for as VP of LMI’s Health & Civilian markets?

I’m responsible for client-facing work in our Health and Civilian markets, which includes our Health and Human Services (HHS), Defense Health and Veteran Affairs, and Federal Civilian markets. Our clients at HHS include the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Our Defense Health and Veteran Affairs work includes a variety of work in the medical logistics and facilities operations domain as well as generalized program management efforts. Finally, our Civilian submarket includes support to over a dozen agencies, primarily under NASA, the General Services Administration (GSA), and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

How do you plan to grow LMI’s Health & Civilian markets?

That’s a great question. We have a three-prong strategy. We’ve been supporting CMS for over 20 years, and we have a great reputation in that space, which we will leverage for growth. In the last few months we have expanded our presence to include work on health care quality measures as well as our first effort supporting human capital planning efforts. In our Federal Civilian market, we are focusing on growing within NASA, GSA, and USPS to introduce new offerings focused on data analytics, Technology Business Management, human capital management, and program management support. In the Defense Health and Veteran Affairs markets, we are focused on supporting the ongoing evolution of the Defense Health Agency as well as engaging with trusted and capable partners where we can add valuable solutions using our strong skills in areas such as supply chain resiliency.    

How has your civil service experience brought you to this position, and what made you want to work for LMI after serving our country for so many years?

I appreciate the challenges that civil servants face each day in serving their clients—the citizens of the United States. I have walked a mile in their shoes, so I am sympathetic to their constraints and challenges. I am a better consultant and can understand what will and will not work in their environments. I was instantly drawn to LMI’s values and knew it would be cultural fit for me. I wanted to work for a company that would appreciate my experience and put it to work for LMI’s mission to create good government. I felt LMI’s moral compass, business approach, and highly ethical way of doing business was appealing to me. That is the primary reason I continue to be excited about being part of the LMI team.

How would you describe your leadership style, and what makes you a great leader?

I try to be a servant leader, recognizing that my job is to enable everyone around me to be successful. It’s not about self-promotion or what I can get out of it. Instead, I ask myself, what can I do to remove a barrier for you? What can I do to enable your success? How can I coach and mentor you to move forward in your career? If I think about those things, the people around me will be able to be more successful, and I’ll benefit from having helped them; by default, the company will benefit, too.

What advice would you give to those who are just joining LMI as they look to advance their careers?

Lean forward. You joined a great company that wants you to be great! You must be a functional expert in what we hired you to do, so take time to learn how to be a functional expert. The rest of your time should be spent leaning forward. There’s always plenty of work to be done here, including project, proposal, and corporate support. Make it known to your leadership that you have the interest and drive to get involved. Remember the only person responsible for your career is you. I can enable, but you must take the steps needed. As Dale Carnegie says, “The [one] who goes furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare."

Who has been your most influential professional mentor?

I have worked with many great people. In my recent memory, Admiral Michael Mullen, retired U.S. Navy admiral who served as the seventeenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was phenomenal at synthesizing information and surrounding himself with brightest minds he could find. It was never about him—it was always about the mission and how to accomplish the mission efficiently and effectively. Another person I would mention is Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense. I was amazed at his sense of humor. He was unflappable, and he always made you feel like you were important and valued. I really admired that about him.

Of your many professional accomplishments over the years, which one makes you most proud?

As a civil servant, I got the privilege to work directly for President Obama to redesign the Veterans Transition Assistance Program, which helps serve members transition from military service to civilian employment. John Gingrich (now a retired Veteran Affairs executive) and I were asked to reengineer the program, which was really exciting for me. By revamping the program, we had a hand in ensuring the men and women serving our country would receive all the benefits they were entitled to as they translated their military experience to the civilian environment. It was a really motivating and rewarding experience.

— Pat Tamburrino Jr.


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