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Women's Equality Day 2018

August 26, 2018

LMI Staff

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, when we commemorate the movement toward equal rights for all citizens, recognize trailblazers past and present, and inspire future generations. Congress established Women’s Equality Day on August 26, 1971, fifty-one years to the day the 19th Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote.

At LMI, we pride ourselves on demonstrating diversity and inclusion in our workplace; women hold nearly half of all senior leadership positions (see figure below). That is nearly twice the national average, according to Catalyst, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing women in the workplace.[1]

Senior Leadership Positions Filled by Gender

LMI celebrates and promotes women’s equality year-round through the LMI Women’s Forum, one of three affinity groups that foster inclusive environments for our workforce (in addition to LVets for our military veterans and Alliance for LGBTQ+ supporters).

Established in March 2018, the LMI Women’s Forum has been very active in its first five months, hosting events and exploring ways to provide opportunities for leadership development, mentorship, and networking. The first event held in May featured a panel of women and men from LMI’s senior leadership to discuss women’s empowerment in the workplace. The second event, LMI bingo, gave members a quick break from their workday for ice cream and socializing with fellow coworkers. In July, guest speaker Donna Flagg discussed key themes from her book Surviving Dreaded Conversations: How to Talk through Difficult Situations at Work. And to celebrate the end of the summer months, the group held a networking happy hour. In the coming months, the Forum has events planned that focus on how to build a support system, professional development, and community service around the holidays.

LMI enthusiastically supports the Forum through executive sponsors who provide essential resources to host these events and the voluntary participation of women—and men—from all levels of the organization. We’re proud to champion the women who contribute to our success each and every day.