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Women's Equality Day: Celebrating Women Every Day

August 24, 2017

LMI Staff

In last year’s blog, Celebrating Women’s Equality Day 2016, Catherine Nelson, senior vice president of LMI, recognized many of the notable women who have broken gender barriers since 1971. As we approach this year’s Women’s Equality Day, a day that recognizes women’s right to vote, we applaud these women and honor their legacy through action. This year, we’re celebrating the 19th amendment and our roots in defense by donating $1,900 to the Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, and recognizing the remarkable women who have led the way in public and military service.

According to the United States Department of Labor, women make up 57 percent of the labor force, 70 percent of whom work with children under the age of 18. Globally, women make up almost half of the population but only hold 22 percent of public officials. With such a vast presence in the workforce and such limited presence in public office, it’s imperative to recognize those women in public service who make a difference in our lives every day.

Here’s to a few mighty women in public and military service whom LMI is proud to call our own.

Ann Dunwoody currently serves as the president of First 2 Four, a leadership mentoring and strategic advisory company in Tampa, Florida. She made history as the first woman four-star general and still gives back to the community in her multiple leadership roles. She has been recognized with many prestigious awards and honors and currently serves on LMI’s board of directors.

Patricia McGinnis is the former president and CEO of the nonpartisan, not-for-profit Council for Excellence in Government and also served as advisor to the White House on presidential appointee leadership programs during the first two years of the Obama administration. Prior to her work with the council, Ms. McGinnis was co-founder and principal of the FMR Group, a public policy consulting firm in Washington, DC. Her government service includes posts at the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Commerce, and Senate Budget Committee. She is a fellow for the National Academy of Public Administration and serves on the board of the Congressional Management Foundation. She also serves on the board of directors of Caleres Inc., formerly known as the Brown Shoe Company, in St. Louis, Missouri. McGinnis joined LMI’s board in 2004.

Karen LeDoux leads LMI’s Logistics Systems group and is a major general in the Army Reserves. Ms. LeDoux led projects within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics and assisting the joint staff in developing policies and procedures to account for contractors on the battlefield and processes for integrating contracted requirements into combatant commanders’ operational plans.


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