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LMI offers an integrated portfolio of digital, data, and analytic capabilities and solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our government clients. LMI excels in modernizing applications and infrastructure to increase efficiencies, secure information, reduce costs, enable scalability, and create and deploy successful technology solutions. LMI’s innovative approach to data analytics pairs data scientists with domain experts for meaningful and actionable insights built on an organization’s IT infrastructure and workforce capabilities. Our extensive data operations expertise grounds our tools and skill sets, spanning enterprise data management and data engineering, including agent-based modeling, forecasting, machine-learning techniques, predictive algorithm development, and statistical analysis. We uncover key metrics critical to an organization and visualize data via dashboards, giving customers insight to inform decisions.

At LMI, we partner with you to assess readiness and define a clear strategy for your technology, data, and resulting analytics, enabling you to focus on your mission. We condense implementation times to weeks and months versus years, solving issues quickly and reducing time to insight. We focus on scalability, repeatability, and driving innovation for our customers. Our expertise and innovative approaches enable us to collaborate seamlessly side by side with key decision-makers to prioritize needs, assess alternatives, and develop the right solutions to further the mission.

Whether you’re modernizing enterprise IT, improving your organization’s cyber posture, establishing your data science practice, or deepening you advanced analytic capabilities and capacity, we can support your mission with innovative solutions using a wide range of methods and expertise. We uniquely pair cutting-edge technologies with practical applications for utility, scalability, and efficiency.

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Kristen Cheman, Sr. Vice President, Digital and Analytic Solutions

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Secure, Customizable, Real-Time Analytics

Data-driven decision-making requires more than sophisticated tools. LMI helps federal agencies align their technology, data, and workforces to optimize...

How LMI’s Digital and Analytic Solutions Capabilities Bring Innovation and Practicality to the Modernization of Applications and Infrastructure:

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