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At LMI, we believe everyone in our organization brings diverse perspectives, values, and work and life experiences as well as religious and cultural differences. Our people are our greatest strength. We believe, unequivocally, that our innovation and expertise is fueled by diversity. We remain dedicated to powering a future-ready, high-performing government by delivering integrated capabilities that incorporate emerging technologies and are tailored to customers’ unique mission needs.

LMI’s Ongoing Commitment to Diversity

LMI was built on a solid foundation of corporate values—leadership, mission focus, and innovation—with inclusion essential to the functionality and growth of the organization. We celebrate our differences and our similarities. We’re committed to maintaining a professional environment where unique experiences, identities, and perspectives are respected and welcomed. We are all responsible for promoting diversity as we build an inclusive culture that values and supports a broad spectrum of thoughts and ideas.

Supporting Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility for All

A Message from Our CEO

Employees, Clients, and Partners,

At LMI, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are embedded in our culture. We believe in cultivating an inclusive environment where diverse thoughts and ideas are heard, valued, and supported. LMI strives to build a workforce that represents the communities across the country we are honored to serve. As a best-in-class employer, we are dedicated to strengthening our leadership commitment to providing an inclusive and equitable workplace for our diverse talent, engaging our workforce for today and the future to give our employees the resources they need to thrive. LMIers are a voice for change, and we recognize that we must be even more intentional in acting on the issues that matter most to all individuals.

The senior leadership team and I are devoted to establishing programs, tools, and techniques to enable and ensure equal access and success for all. Here are the actions we plan to take for employees at all levels to feel more connected to LMI’s mission and vision:

  1. Launch a formal mentoring program to afford opportunities for growth and professional development.
  2. Support diversity goals by strengthening our partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and professional associations to foster diverse applicant pools and support underrepresented voices in technology.
  3. Hold facilitated community forums to encourage transparent, thoughtful, and constructive dialogue.
  4. Offer diversity training to all LMI employees to increase racial sensitivity in the workplace.
  5. Leverage our affinity groups to be another voice for our employees as we work to achieve our business objectives.
  6. Create a mentor-protégé program and other small business initiatives to provide greater partnership opportunities to companies led by women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

We plan to regularly evaluate and communicate our progress on these actions. Doing so will ensure we constantly evolve to reflect the unique backgrounds, characteristics, experiences, beliefs, and cultures of our employees, clients, partners, and communities.

For 60 years, LMI has been a trusted advisor to our clients and partners, unwaveringly dedicated to powering a future-ready, high-performing government. With ethics and integrity, we are all responsible for contributing to our enterprise diversity goals—by building a diverse and inclusive culture consistent with our values of leadership, mission focus, and innovation. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, and we look forward to continuing this journey of fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility at LMI, where a full spectrum of experiences, identities, and perspectives are respected and welcomed.


Doug Wagoner


Doug Wagoner
President & CEO

Leadership Commitment


Inclusive Workplace

Inclusive Workplace

Best-in-Class Employer


Diverse Talent

Diverse Talent
  • Hire, develop, and retain diverse leaders.
  • Encourage a shared accountability and responsibility for diversity and inclusion.
  • Demonstrate commitment to our compliance responsibilities.
  • Contribute to achieving enterprise diversity goals.
  • Maintain an inclusive and accessible environment to attract, develop, and retain the best talent.
  • Value the unique qualities and seek different perspectives that contribute to innovation.
  • Promote employee development and engagement.
  • Support and leverage our affinity groups.
  • Strengthen and sustain LMI’s brand.
  • Recognize and share progress and success stories both internally and externally.
  • Support diversity goals through professional associations, university partnerships, and community relations.
  • Gain recognition as a diverse and inclusive employer.
  • Attract, retain, and develop the best talent.
  • Provide opportunities for growth and professional development.
  • Drive innovation and organic revenue growth.
  • Support our veterans and military families.
  • Reflect the markets, customers, and communities we serve.

Driving Innovation through Diversity

LMI has cultivated the experience and talent of our employees to consistently deliver innovative diversity and inclusion results for our clients. By applying our expertise in change management, we have assisted NASA in transforming its workforce through our Human Capital Project since 2013. For our Army client, the Civilian Workforce Transformation benefited from our expertise in employee engagement, reversing negative trends in employee satisfaction scores and improving the Army’s Best Places to Work score over a four-year period.


Navigating Change at the Core

At LMI, our innovation and expertise are fueled by diversity. LMI’s Jim Woodard shares his views and explains why diversity and inclusion are so important—not just as a company but as a community.

“We want a culture that celebrates uniqueness, advances diversity, enables authenticity, and creates a sense of belonging.”

— Karen Britton, Vice President, Marketing & Communications and Chief Digital Officer

Going Further Together

At LMI, we offer opportunities for professional development, networking, community outreach, and engagement. LMI’s affinity groups welcome all LMIers, regardless of identity.

LMI's Affinity Groups

Alliance: The Alliance celebrates LMI's LGBTQ+ community and allies. Our mission is to foster an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable workplace for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Asian Inclusion Network (AIN): AIN supports and engages the LMI Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workforce and beyond. Our mission is to build community for our members, raise awareness of AAPI perspectives, and create opportunities for professional and personal development through inspiration and empowerment.

Early Career Professionals (ECP): ECP is a community committed to supporting members and their careers by providing opportunities for professional development, networking, and community outreach. Our mission is to unite and develop LMIers in the early stages of their careers.

LVETS: LVETS welcomes LMIers who have served or are currently serving, military spouses and dependents, and anyone with a passion for the military and veteran community. Our mission is to enhance the bonds, not only within LMI’s the veteran community, but also through leadership and service.

Minority Ethnicities (ME): ME is a community dedicated to building minority leaders in LMI while encouraging diversity and inclusion. We promote cultural awareness while furnishing personal and career development.

Women’s Forum: The Women’s Forum grows leaders in LMI through networking, service, and professional development opportunities; membership is open to all, regardless of gender identity.


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