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LMI helps federal agencies strengthen operational resilience by aligning real property, human capital, and financial resources. Our experts devise and implement tailored, data-driven strategies that respect natural resources, support sustainability, and exceed mission requirements.

The U.S. federal government is the nation’s largest property owner. It’s also responsible for a significant overseas presence, including defense installations, embassies, and other facilities. The Bureau of Overseas Building Operations at the Department of State alone counts nearly 1,000 office buildings in 289 locations worldwide in its $76 billion property portfolio.

LMI has helped dozens of federal agencies manage and protect this global footprint, ensuring property and assets serve mission needs in full compliance with environmental standards and other regulations. We work with customers to design, implement, and maintain sustainable facilities and operations, respect facilities’ surrounding environment, and reduce unnecessary costs.

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Energy, Sustainability, and Resilience

LMI adapts industry-leading energy and sustainability approaches to customers’ unique mission needs. Services include:

Infrastructure Resilience and Risk Management

Examining historical trends of natural and man-made risk factors, we identify and devise mitigation plans for energy vulnerabilities, climate-related infrastructure and operational risks, and potential supply-chain disruptions.

Installation Energy Planning, Reporting, and Analytics

Combining energy management, facility management, and data science expertise, we help clients analyze, visualize, and report utility and portfolio data. Improved understanding of facility performance informs decisions that increase efficiency and control costs.

Sustainability Program Management and Reporting

We work with customers to set sustainability goals, implement practices that align with mission requirements, and then ​measure, understand, and communicate performance.

Environmental Planning and Compliance

Our consultants help customers meet environmental requirements throughout a project’s lifecycle, from planning and development to construction, operation, renovation, and disposal. We ensure government managers achieve benchmarks and complete projects on schedule and within budget. Our services include:

Environmental Assessment, Compliance, and Impact Analysis

LMI has decades of experience leading clients through environmental analyses of federal actions to achieve and sustain compliance.

Occupational Health and Safety (OSH)

LMI helps federal agencies tailor OSH programs to their unique missions, workforce requirements, and business processes. We implement practical solutions that strengthen compliance, risk management, and employee wellbeing.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Strategy

We provide technical assistance and solutions to support facilities from construction design to disposal. Services include:

Construction Management

We furnish experienced, credible construction owner representation throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring project specifications and mission requirements are met.

Engineering Management

Our engineering acumen and project management expertise ensures customers’ property portfolios meet technical, regulatory, fiscal, and mission performance requirements immediately and over the long term.

Facility Portfolio Planning

Using our proprietary facility condition assessment and industry-leading tools such i-CAM, we provide quantitative support for facility- and portfolio-level decision-making.

Initial Outfitting, and Transition (IO&T)

We ​deploy multidisciplinary teams to conduct the business, technical, and personnel management tasks necessary for IO&T activities for new and renovated facilities.

Real Estate Strategies

Our turnkey services enable agency- and mission-specific strategies so customers can acquire, lease or divest property.

Real Property Management

LMI furnishes expertise and solutions that enable customers to optimize the value and effectiveness of capital resources and real property assets. Our services include:

Strategic Asset and Portfolio Management

LMI helps customers assess the performance of real property portfolios and make informed decisions about resource allocation and capital investment. Expertise spans planning, programming and budgeting; real property data and information management; and portfolio management and decision support tools.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

LMI expands geospatial and linear asset management while allowing for integration into a spatial repository powered by ArcGIS. Our services span pre-deployment and deployment support, data collection, processing and analysis, and GIS project management.

People and Perspectives

LMI is proud to belong to the U.S. Green Building Council. 

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