Leveraging Data at Lightning Speed

Data engineering and visualization, high-performance computing, and big-data analyses are commodities that organizations with an analytics background can do, and do well. While LMI has access to the same resources and expertise, we recognize that advanced analytics is more than data science and visualization.

Our advanced analytics team brings data curation, prognostics, and predictive capability to the next level. We have deep institutional knowledge with customers and their data that gives us an edge to deliver actionable insights with speed. Data sets exist in various non-standard forms and are accessible to our experts, but it’s leveraging data the right way that matters the most.

A real-world example is LMI’s Maintenance and Availability Data Warehouse (MADW), started by a team of experts in 2005 to enable DoD to evaluate the impact of corrosion of weapons systems, infrastructure, and facilities. Created as a result of congressional interest in reducing those costs, the approach used to focus on creation of the data kitchen rather than the corrosion recipe. In other words, the methodology created to answer the corrosion impact questions can also be used to answer virtually any maintenance question concerning costs, availability results, and the relationship between the two. The MADW aggregates data from 56 authoritative sources for all of the branches of the military’s inventory, from each level of maintenance (depot and field-level) and provider (organic or commercial) to the nature of cost (labor and materials).  

The warehouse itself serves as a storage unit for over 1 billion task-level and 500 million materials transaction records, all of which have been reconciled to authoritative top-down spending and availability reporting. The MADW provides an efficient, objective tool for leaders looking to reach target availability at the lowest cost on their weapon system. Additionally, the diagnostic and prognostic functionality can diagnose the next best step for reducing cost or achieving improved availability at the weapon system type level, or even for groupings of similar types of weapon systems.

It is capabilities, expertise, and institutional knowledge such as this that set LMI apart. We turn processes that should take months to report on and deliver them in a matter of minutes. The speed at which we deliver objective, actionable data insights give us the edge we need to be our clients’ number one choice for their toughest analytics problems.  


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