LMI History

What started as a small team of specialists formed to drive breakthroughs in logistics management has grown into the premier services provider dedicated to improving the management of government.

Six Decades of Trusted Service ​

In September 1961, Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara sent a memorandum to President John F. Kennedy, advising “that we can achieve major breakthroughs in logistics management, where we spend half of the defense budget, by sponsoring the establishment of a special, full-time organization of highly talented business management specialists.” President Kennedy agreed, and three weeks later—October  ​3, 1961—LMI was born.

JFK and McNamara

LMI Today and Beyond

Incorporated as the Logistics Management Institute in October 1961, LMI has grown from humble beginnings. We started in a Pentagon office with fewer than a dozen staff members to address supply and logistics challenges for the Department of Defense. Today, our employees bring deep expertise in advanced analytics, digital services, logistics, and management advisory services to all types of government stakeholders, including federal civilian agencies and military commands. We’re ready to help clients overcome their most complex challenges.

Today, LMI remains governed by an esteemed board of directors and operates with complete integrity, free of commercial bias and political interest. We continue to act as a trusted advisor to government leaders and to bring the best, most creative management and technical minds to bear on solving the most complex issues of today and the future.

We still operate the world's most advanced logistics consulting group but have expanded our scope. We now offer world-class expertise to the defense, national security, and health markets in advanced analytics, digital services, management advisory services, and logistics.

60 Years of Service

We’re proud of the growth we’ve experienced since our humble beginnings. As we enter 60th year of operation, we also applaud what hasn’t changed. We have stayed true to our values of leadership, mission focus, and innovation, and we always put clients’ interests first.

LMI 60th

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