LMI offers complete logistics support, including acquisition services, operations, supply chain and lifecycle management, sustainment, and risk management and mitigation. We help identify and develop scientific solutions that result in measurable improvements in supply chain and enterprise implementation.

We are industry leaders in the field of logistics. At LMI, we don’t just answer questions or apply quick fixes—we provide an integrated strategy for moving forward. Our expertise combined with proprietary analytical tools and techniques enable us to deliver smart, sustainable solutions while building in appropriate countermeasures for potential disruptions.

Our logistics experts balance cost, efficiency, quality, and the ready availability of people, facilities, infrastructure, and supplies your organization needs to complete its critical mission.

We are committed to continuous improvements in the future of logistics. From reducing the entire lifecycle, to developing agile acquisition strategies, or securing critical tech data to achieve greater efficiencies, we are the government’s trusted source for logistics strategies that go from incubation to execution and beyond.

How LMI’s Logistics Capabilities Bring Innovation, Strategic Insight, and Sustainable Solutions to the Future of Logistics:

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