To thrive in an era of constrained budgets and expanding missions, government agencies need to optimize how they manage logistics operations. To help our customers overcome this challenge, LMI developed LogSmart™, a configurable suite of applications for increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

LogSmart™: The right logistics insights before you need them.

The intersection of data, analytics, and logistics offers great opportunities but is riddled with a daunting landscape of proprietary tools, widgets, and capabilities. Does your organization have the right data, the right tools, and the organizational capacity for the most needed actionable insights?

LMI developed LogSmart™ to cut through the uncertainty that prevents progress while driving down the time to value for digital transformation. LogSmart™’s family of digital solutions combines LMI’s over 60 years of federal logistics experience with contemporary data engineering, data science, and agile software development to maximize operational advantage. We tailor our repeatable data operations, model operations, visualization, and implementation capabilities in the IT ecosystem to your organization’s specific needs.

LMI enables your organization to succeed, free from long-term vendor lock or other dependencies. Our suite does not tie you to a proprietary software license or black box analytics environment.

LogSmart™ solutions deliver user-focused applications, connecting valuable insights with the point of need across maintenance, supply chain, operations, acquisition, and other critical enterprise functions.

We understand your mission, your operations, and your data. Let our LogSmart™ digital solutions help your organization in the following ways.

  • Increase the availability and performance of critical equipment. Predict and prevent unplanned downtime and decrease mission risk by leveraging the data in your enterprise systems.
  • Drive supply chain performance and manage supply chain risk. Integrate data across stovepipes and apply advanced modeling approaches to uncover supply chain issues before they happen and assess mitigations.
  • Supply enterprise visibility for your mission readiness. Get the full picture of your organization’s readiness for the requirements of today, tomorrow, and the future by applying and aggregating model-driven insights across maintenance, supply, and operations.
  • Know where you stand. Assess your data quality and logistics performance against internal and external benchmarks to find the highest return on investment opportunities for digital transformation.


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LMI's Todd Stiefler on How Logistics Transformation Organization is Helping Supply Chain Challenges


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