Get On-Demand, Actionable Risk Mitigation Strategies for Your Supply Chain 

LogSmart™ Supply empowers decision makers to boost supply chain resiliency by providing the most complete insights into the risks and opportunities present in the supply chains you depend on. As the only solution with risk modeling and simulation capabilities, you’ll get on-demand risk mitigation intelligence that lets you make informed decisions faster. 

Decrease the Risk of Mission Failure

LogSmart™ Supply’s powerful simulation engine deciphers data that no one else can. Our risk modeling and simulation analytics are essential intelligence that empower you to increase mission performance and decrease cost.


Accelerate Your Decision-Making and Ensure Mission Success

Instead of waiting for a team to run models, make smarter and faster decisions to mitigate your supply chain risk with LogSmart™ Supply’s on-demand actionable insights. Run LogSmart™ Supply's simulation engine any time to get crucial mitigation options — including new investment possibilities, the associated return on investment, and alternate vendor identification — so you can make quick decisions when the stakes are high.


Maximize Your Existing Illumination Solution

LogSmart™ Supply is vendor agnostic. No matter which supply chain illumination solution you prefer, your supply chain data will feed our powerful machine learning models that deliver and assess available courses of action. We can help you go from an identified risk to an optimized mitigation, whether that means identifying alternate vendors, buying additional inventory, or building new warehouses. Minimize your risk and maximize your ROI.


Take Advantage of Decades of Supply Chain Experience

Our expert team of data scientists combined their specialty in building advanced models with 60 years of federal logistics experience to develop a superior solution for alternative supply chain modeling.


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