Management Advisory Services

LMI provides a wide array of advisory services, from program and implementation management to planning and investment, strategy, and operations management, as well as health management and national security.

LMI understands that government clients need to make more decisions under greater uncertainty. This can complicate mission effectiveness and impact financial, operational, and overall performance unless you have the right strategies and tools in place. We reduce these risks by providing an objective and experienced lens to your organization, its people, and its operations.

Our unique combination of industry, technology, and analytics enables us to examine current and future needs and develop clear solutions and strategies with an agile approach.

How LMI’s Management Advisory Services Capabilities Bring Innovation and Focus, Fostering Confident Decision-Making No Matter What the Political or Administrative Environment:

Achieve Manpower Readiness with OrgIQ

OrgIQ: Solving Workforce Challenges

In today’s ever-changing society, organizations are constantly facing increasingly complex tasks, evolving technologies, and uncertain budgets. Leaders and managers are in constant need of identifying where issues lie within organizations, where they can improve processes and opportunities, and how they can reduce redundancy and inefficient procedures. LMI has developed an innovative workforce tool that helps identify organizational pain points and identify future challenges without extensive, drawn-out data collection processes.

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