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LMI Launches Solution to Provide ‘So What’ to Illuminated Supply Chain Data

November 7, 2022

Tysons, Va.—LMI today introduced their supply chain risk management solution, LogSmart™ Supply. The solution empowers analysts and program managers to answer “so, what?” from their supply chain risks on demand. This unique modeling and simulation engine is powered by machine learning and leverages illuminated supply chain data to predict impacts and offer mitigation strategies, affording agencies the most complete intelligence on their supply chain risk.

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LogSmart™ Supply's modeling and simulation has been tested, vetted, and iterated over the past decade by data scientists and LMI’s long-standing customers. This analytical power is made usable with a new, intuitive, user centered interface designed side by side with supply chain experts.

“We have experienced a massive increase in organizations collecting data about their supply chains in the past two years. But the challenge remains answering the ‘so-what’ quickly, and at scale. LogSmart™ Supply helps address that need by enabling analysts and leaders alike to quickly understand impacts to their supply chains and determine the right resilience investments,” says Patrick Mahoney, Vice President, Supply Chain Management.

  • LMI helped a program office adapt rapidly when foreign ownership risk threatened a major weapons system with production delays.
  • When a global pandemic threatened delivery of critical medicines, our simulation engine provided data driven disruption mitigation.

— Patrick Mahoney, Vice President, Supply Chain Management

LogSmart™ Supply puts supply chain managers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to run on-demand custom risk scenarios against their organizations’ supply chain data. Additional capabilities allow managers to consider mitigation strategies through alternative vendor analysis and types of risk such as foreign ownership control interest and transportation obstacles. This solution integrates with the supply chain illumination data customers prefer, helping maximize existing investments in supply chain management.

LMI developed LogSmart™ as a configurable suite of applications to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of supply chain management solutions and help customers overcome their logistics challenges.

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