Explore Forge™ prototypes driving innovation.

Wearables Integrated Sensors Platform (WISP): A virtual proving ground for driving decisions on sensors

The proliferation of the internet of things, wearables, and other related devices has resulted in a complex ecosystem of technologies, infrastructure, data, and use cases. LMI’s Forge™ has developed a digital solution as a virtual proving ground for asking “What if?” to drive decisions on sensors and their contribution to mission success.

Beacon™: The cloud-based collaborative workspace every team needs

The Beacon™ platform manages and delivers repeatable data and analytic solutions via a single application.

LogSmart™: The right logistics insights before you need them

LogSmart™ solutions deliver user-focused applications, driving critical insights to the point of need across maintenance, supply chain, operations, acquisition, and other critical enterprise functions.

LogSmart™ Fleet: Maximizing assets across fleets

Using predictive analytics and expert knowledge, LogSmart™ Fleet leverages available enterprise data and existing data analytics environments to create a holistic, precise, common picture of fleet health and performance. For decision makers who operate large, complex fleets of high-value mobile or fixed assets, this intuitive tool offers tailorable, actionable insight into asset availability, management, and maintenance, and supplies visibility of current and potential situations. 

Nutritional Health Application: Better health through gamification

The mobile Nutritional Health Application incentivizes healthy decisions, by gamifying fitness and good eating habits. 

Total Readiness Excursion: Quicker decisions from better correlations

LMI’s Total Readiness Excursion Model informs the placement of people and supplies optimally for any modeled scenario for all branches of service. This powerful tool also illuminates dependencies among people, installations, and supply.

Talent Ignite™: Putting employees in the drivers' seat of development

The Talent Ignite™ application’s personalized profile of each employee suggests training, events, and networking opportunities. Employees’ engagement with their organization increases, promoting their development, fostering stronger social ties at work, and boosting cross-collaboration.

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