Navigate Forge™ solutions addressing specific use cases.​

Analytics-Driven Organizational Transformation

  • Talent Ignite™–Employee Analytics for Performance Improvement
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Maturity Analytics  

  • OrgIQ™–Survey and Workforce Analytics 

  • Mobile Nutrition Health Application

Decisions and Insights at the Edge

  • AI-Retrofitted Assets at the Edge

  • AI/ML for Wearables

Logistics and Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Intermediate Range Meteorological Assessment
  • Facility Analytics Engine

  • Total Readiness Excursion 

  • Navy Integrated Readiness  

  • LogSmart Fleet

  • Security Stack Automation and Operations  

  • Federal Logistics Information System Parts Catalog  

Model and Software Deployment Automation

  • Enterprise Kubernetes  

  • Beacon – Data Management and Analytics Platform


Program and Financial Decision Intelligence

  • Total Readiness Excursion 
  • Navy Integrated Readiness

  • OpenPolicy™—Semantic Search of Policies

  • Project Management Office Assessment and Analytics

  • Unstructured Data Analysis with SparkCognition Deep NLP  

  • Text Extraction from Technical Documents 

Technology Horizon Scanning

  • Data Driven Horizon Scanning
  • Academic Expert Identification Tool