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OpenPolicy™ | Knowledge Drives the Search

November 28, 2018

Let OpenPolicy™ Lead You to Knowledge

Imagine you needed to find very specific knowledge about a regulation. You’d start by typing keywords into a search engine, scanning the results, and then sifting through possibly scores of PDF or other text files. If you were new to the topic, you’d probably spend considerable time trying to connect the pieces and make sense of what you found. Unless you knew the lingo, you’d need to track down an expert to help interpret what you’re reviewing.


A Powerful Way to Deliver Policy

LMI’s OpenPolicy™ semantic search service is a fantastically powerful way to research prose documents. Eliminating the “Find Next” button used to page through mountains of text, OpenPolicy™ lets you instantaneously locate related content across scores of documents. It also suggests other search paths to take, offering related searches based on recommendations from seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs). OpenPolicy helps you intelligently deliver any written instructions, magnifying the productivity of your workforce.




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