Jane McTigue

Principal, Logistics Strategy and Integration

Jane McTigue

Jane McTigue is a principal in logistics strategy and integration at LMI. In her role, Jane leads diverse, multi-disciplined teams to drive growth to the support corporate strategy for Army programs. 

With 26 years of experience in strategic planning, supply chain operations, and human resources, Jane connects people across organizational boundaries, bringing diversity of thought to solve customers’ most pressing challenges. She facilitates LMI’s logistics, digital and analytic solutions, and management advisory services for DoD and Army customers and translating those successes to support new and future customers.

Jane holds a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech, a master’s degree in human resources from Webster University, an MBA from Webster University, and a professional certificate in global affairs from New York University. She is a certified Project Management Professional, certified Human-Centered Design Practitioner, a certified SAFe 6 Agilist, and member of the She-Suite’s Brand Leadership Institute.

“It’s in LMI’s DNA to over-deliver in a way that positively impacts the government. I spend much of my time connecting the dots across LMI’s DoD and Army projects and bringing diversity of thought to solve customers’ most pressing challenges.”