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Mission Engineering

The Department of Defense defines mission engineering as the deliberate planning, analyzing, and integrating of current and emerging operational and system capabilities to achieve desired warfighting mission effects. Integrating modeling and simulation, supply chain engineering, wargaming, and more, LMI harnesses more than 60 years of cutting-edge innovation and experience to enhance capabilities and technologies in support of our customers’ most challenging mission requirements.

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What We Do

Assessing & Anticipating Rapidly Evolving Capabilities

LMI tailors data-driven approaches to select, develop, and mature capabilities with simultaneous and integrated analytical, simulation, prototyping, demonstration, and transition activities. Our customers engage with feedback throughout the process for continuous improvements. 

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What We Do

Digital Twin

LMI uses digital twin technology to help government agencies obtain visibility, achieve situational awareness, and improve enterprise-wide decisions. 

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What We Do

Infrastructure Resilience

LMI helps federal agencies strengthen infrastructure resiliency with data-driven strategies that respect natural resources and support sustainability. 

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What We Do

Modeling & Simulation

LMI’s modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities evaluate and quantify changes to complex operations for uncertain future conditions. 

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What We Do


The Rapid Analysis and Prototyping Toolkit for Resiliency (RAPTR™) provides an extensible, scalable architecture for modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization for the space warfighting domain as well as cross-domain integration. 

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What We Do

Supply Chain Engineering

Supply chain engineering at LMI incorporates cutting-edge modeling and simulation, advanced analytics, and over 60 years of supply chain expertise. 

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What We Do

Technology Integration Partner

LMI combines hands-on expertise with existing and emerging technologies, our deep understanding of logistics processes and operations, and over 60 years of experience and partnership with the government for totally integrated technical solutions.

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What We Do


LMI’s highly qualified wargaming expertise and extensive knowledge of the future operating environment furnishes the subject matter expertise for planning, executing, and after-action support of joint, combatant command, service, and other wargames. 

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