Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are laser-focused on inspiring our employees and committed to the success of our customers’ missions.

  • Doug Wagoner

    Doug Wagoner

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Josh Wilson Headshot

    Joshua Wilson

    President, Markets, Growth, and Technology
  • Christen Smith

    Christen Smith

    President, Service Lines and Solutions
  • Jonathan Baba Headshot

    Jonathan Baba

    Sr. Vice President, Defense Market
  • Suzan Cengiz Headshot

    Suzan Cengiz

    Chief Performance Officer
  • Kristen Cheman Headshot

    Kristen Cheman

    Sr. Vice President, Intelligence Market
  • Christine Cocrane Headshot

    Christine Cocrane

    Sr. Vice President, Management and Transformation Solutions
  • Donna Diederich Headshot

    Donna Diederich

    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Dr. Mark Eddings

    Dr. Mark A. Eddings

    Sr. Vice President, Space Market
  • Tamara Jack

    Tamara Jack

    Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer
  • Joseph Niehaus

    Joseph Niehaus

    Sr. Vice President, Logistics
  • Joseph Norton Headshot

    Dr. Joseph Norton

    Sr. Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
  • Scott Recinos Headshot

    Scott Recinos

    Sr. Vice President, Homeland Security Market
  • Keith Rodgers Headshot

    Keith Rodgers

    Sr. Vice President, Digital & Analytic Solutions
  • Zaki Saleh Headshot

    Zaki Saleh

    Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market
  • People Powering Possible™

    Advisory Council

    Our Advisory Council provides guidance in support of LMI’s strategic vision and market expansion initiatives.

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