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LMI invests in research that benefits the public sector. We consider the many facets of the most-pressing issues, evaluate available options, then publish our results to help public-sector leaders make well-informed decisions that bring the best results. Browse our publications for more on our research, insights, and solutions. help public-sector leaders make well-informed decisions that bring the best results.

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    Ranger™ Framework: Exploring with Ranger™

    Ranger™ is a deconstructed agile framework designed for the development of quick (~45 business day) prototypes and research projects. It best serves efforts around feasibility rather than perfect implementation. 

  • LogSmart™ Supply

    Accelerate Supply Chain Decision-Making with a New, Proactive Approach

    The old way of supply chain management is no longer viable: China dominates the global advanced battery supply chain and manufactures 80% of the world's cobalt and 60% of its lithium. The risk to U.S. supply chains increases as our nation becomes more reliant on other countries to produce critical materials. Taking swift action to mitigate supply chain risk is mission critical.

  • COVID-19 and Supply Chain Resilience: What’s Next?
    White Paper

    COVID-19 and Supply Chain Resilience: What’s Next?

    LMI hosted the Potomac Officers Club event, Supply Chain Resilience and COVID-19: What’s Next? on June 11, 2020. Government leaders and logistics experts discussed the pre-COVID-19 supply chain, effects from COVID-19, and investment areas for resilience. This paper summarizes poll data collected from audience members as well as insights from the panel.

  • OpenPolicy™
    White Paper

    OpenPolicy™: Knowledge Drives the Search

    LMI’s OpenPolicy™ semantic search service is a fantastically powerful way to research prose documents.

    White Paper

    Emerging Issues and Opportunities of the Genomic Data Revolution

    Now is the time to get your organization ready for the genomic data revolution. From government agencies to the private sector, from healthcare to technology, and everything in between, all organizations need to be prepared for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

  • cyber
    White Paper

    How to Strengthen Cybersecurity Strategic Planning

    Boards and executive teams spend months each year developing and reviewing strategic plans. But what happens next once it has been approved? When it comes to something as critical as your organization’s cybersecurity, the specific plans put in place should always remain adaptable and adjust as requirements change. An effective cybersecurity plan should address evolving threats while aligning with an organization’s mission, strategy and budget, but the strategic planning required for execution is often overlooked.

  • Aerial Panorama of Kanton Atoll in Kiribati

    Aspiration to Operation: LMI's Four Key Concepts to Convert Next-Generation, Service-Specific Doctrines into Overwhelming Joint Force Combat Power in the Indo-Pacific

    Learn about LMI’s paradigm-shifting vision and how we are already advancing it in partnership with DoD. 

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