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Digital Health and Well-Being

The New Speed of Possible™

Operating at The New Speed of Possible™, LMI accelerates the pace of progress, enabling our customers to thrive while adapting to modern mission needs. 

Health Policy
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Health Policy Transformation

The LMI Health Equity Collaborative facilitates equity, justice, and other improvements in federal health care delivery. 

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What We Do

Health Care System Visualization & Simulation

Predictive analysis driven by health care visualization and simulation provides an efficient, effective way to tune or refine healthcare systems. 

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Wearable Sensors & Medical Devices

LMI develops medical device and wearable sensors solutions to identify and acquire essential technologies to combat threats from diseases such as COVID-19. 

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LMI experts identify best practices, develop telehealth policies and operations, and ensure improved access to care, reduce costs, and enhance outcomes. 

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Zaki Saleh Headshot

Zaki Saleh

Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market (571) 633-7780

Zaki Saleh

Sr. Vice President, Health & Civilian Market

Zaki Saleh leads LMI’s health & civilian market, where he is responsible for profit and loss management and business growth, overseeing project delivery, execution, and overall customer satisfaction as well as the business development function.

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