Actualizing the Space Between Challenge and Possibility

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LMI built the Forge™, our technology studio, to explore and test new ideas and accelerate government organizations’ development time. The Forge™ constructs early-stage concepts on advanced technology by combining our federal market expertise with agile development and human-centered design. 

Forge™ Fact Sheet

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  • Introduction to Agile

    Agile 101

  • The Basics of Scrum

    Basics of Scrum

  • Agile for Prototypes: Creating Ranger™

    Creating Ranger™

  • What is Data Science?

    What is Data Science?

  • AI, ML, and DL: What's the Difference?

    Understanding the Difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

  • Introducing Generative AI and Large Language Models

    Introducing Generative AI and Large Language Models

  • Agile Estimation

    Agile Estimation

The Power of The Forge™ Brochure

Download the brochure to learn how the Forge™ is actualizing the space between challenge and possibility.

Get in Touch with the Forge™ Team

Get in Touch with the Forge™ Team

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  • Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Beacon™: Data Management and Analytics Platform

    Beacon™ enables data scientists and consumers to discover, manage, and use data sets for analytics in a shared space. 

    More About Beacon™