What We Do

Supporting missions that have shaped the nation since 1961, we apply long-standing expertise to create sustainable solutions.

Where Insight Meets Innovation

Operating in an innovation ecosystem, we combine market-leading technical resources, strategic partnerships, and agile development capabilities to accelerate mission success.

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What We Do

Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LMI's applied AI solutions equip leaders with tools, processes, and skills to derive insights from big data, business operations and technology infrastructure. 

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What We Do

Digital Health and Well-Being

Operating at The New Speed of Possible™, LMI accelerates the pace of progress, enabling our customers to thrive while adapting to modern mission needs. 

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What We Do

Lifecycle Management & Modernization

LMI’s logistics management and modernization methods have improved customer outcomes for over 60 years by optimizing lifecycle system performance, affordability, and sustainment. 

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What We Do

Mission Engineering

Integrating modeling and simulation, supply chain engineering, wargaming, and more, LMI harnesses more than 60 years of cutting-edge innovation and experience to enhance capabilities and technologies in support of our customers’ most challenging mission requirements. 

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What We Do

Performance Optimization

At LMI, we’re creating innovative solutions to transform emerging needs into extraordinary outcomes at The New Speed of Possible™. 

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The New Speed of Possible™

Featured Solutions

We’re creating innovative solutions to transform emerging needs into extraordinary impacts at The New Speed of Possible™.

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