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  • Jamechia D. Hoyle
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Jamechia D. Hoyle

    LMI has by far been my favorite place to work. It is an amazing feeling to show up in the work environment as your “whole self.” I feel valued and a part of a culture that is not only committed to the mission, but also committed to the workforce. 

  • person holding a digital tablet with an overlay of a digital analytics dashboard
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Where Insight Meets Innovation

    Possibility starts with people. Our project teams push the boundaries of capability for our customers. We integrate extensive federal expertise with emerging technology experts to rapidly develop creative solutions. 

  • Programmatic Efficiencies Effectiveness

    Cost Estimation Best Practices for Better Program Decisions and Outcomes

    Beyond accuracy, program managers and decision-makers must understand the major tradeoffs to right-size programs and budgets for the best outcome for the American taxpayer.

  • futuristic technology transform evolution concept

    The Top 3 Strategies Every Leader Needs for a Successful Digital Transformation

    Successful organizational change depends on leaders who can inspire innovation, create digital strategies, understand and lead an agile team, and leverage the power of standing-up new technology solutions while managing risks.

  • LMI DEIA Maturity Model
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    LMI’s DEIA Maturity Model Helps Organizations Build on Strengths, Improve Weaknesses

    The DEIA Maturity Model is used to assess an organization's current state of DEIA according to representation, opportunity, and buy-in.

  • Graphic with text that reads "Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month" on a background of concentric circles
    Culture News

    One Journey: Patricia Csank

    In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Patricia Csank shares what this means to her.

    This article shares a perspective of what AAPI month means to one woman.  It recognizes our diverse AAPI heritages; the importance of sharing journeys as a community in America; and the responsibility the generations have to teach our rising generation to respect those who came before them and to joy of exploring what they bring to our broader society. 

  • What the Government and Suppliers Can Do Now

    COVID-19: What Suppliers Can Do Now

    How to stay strategic as the pandemic’s ripple effect grows.

  • Headshot Corinne Tochman
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Corinne Tochman

    "Innovation is always necessary to serve the customer because change is the only constant in life."

  • womens history month
    Culture News

    A WWII Woman Refugee’s Struggles and Achievements

    LMI's Tom Buonaugurio shares the story of his mother, a refugee in WWII who overcame great odds, immigrating to the U.S., where two of her sons and a grandson would eventually shake hands with U.S. presidents.

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