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  • Medical Icons

    March: National Ethics Awareness Month and the Use of a Medicare Voluntary Advance Directive Framework

    Driving innovation for a better tomorrow, LMI offers advanced analytics and digital capabilities and a dedication to enhancing public health, making it a uniquely qualified choice to develop a Medicare Voluntary Advance Directive Framework. 

  • Jamechia D. Hoyle
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: Meet Jamechia D. Hoyle

    LMI has by far been my favorite place to work. It is an amazing feeling to show up in the work environment as your “whole self.” I feel valued and a part of a culture that is not only committed to the mission, but also committed to the workforce. 

  • person holding a digital tablet with an overlay of a digital analytics dashboard
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    Where Insight Meets Innovation

    Possibility starts with people. Our project teams push the boundaries of capability for our customers. We integrate extensive federal expertise with emerging technology experts to rapidly develop creative solutions. 

  • John Bogdan
    Culture News

    Employee Spotlight: John Bogdan, Principal, Biology

    John Bogdan, LMI biology principal, is a widely recognized leader and subject matter expert in vaccines and therapeutics for infectious disease. Discover how his love of science links his professional career of solving complex problems to his personal life and even as he mentors aspiring science students.

  • Military logistics

    Logistics Decision Dominance

    Now is the time to turn significant attention and resources to maintaining our logistics advantage.

  • Group photo from the USFS lichen biomonitoring training in the Rouge River–Siskiyou National Forest. Lower row (left to right): Ashley Rivero (LMI), Bri Bernstein (U.S. Forest Service [USFS]), and Amanda Hardman (USFS). Upper row (left to right) Jennifer Brown (LMI), David Walls (LMI), and Teresa Bird (USFS).
    Innovation at the Pace of Need™

    LMI Team Receives Specialized Biomonitoring Training

    LMI’s environmental planning team (Jennifer Brown, Ashley Rivero, and David Walls) completed lichen biomonitoring training sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service, Region 6. The team spent three days in the Rouge River–Siskiyou National Forest’s Kalmiopsis Wilderness, where they learned how to set a biomonitoring plot, calculate tree density, identify lichen plant communities, set abundance scores, and collect tissue samples for analysis.

  • Ft. Knox Clinic

    Initial Outfitting Support to Military Health Facilities

    LMI helps Ireland Army Health Clinic at Fort Knox, KY, open its doors.

  • A calculator, stethoscope, and data charts

    Value-Based Care: Efficient, Effective, and Transparent

    Value-based care improves the fee-for-service model by controlling rising costs and offering greater price transparency for patients.

  • Woman with her head in her hands sitting at a desk with a laptop.

    We Need to Talk About Employee Burnout in the Public Sector

    Burnout is costly for everyone involved. Here’s how the public sector can minimize the impacts and create an environment that fosters productivity through employee wellbeing.

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