Keith Rodgers

Sr. Vice President, Digital & Analytic Solutions

Keith Rodgers

Keith brings nearly two decades of experience in leveraging innovative techniques to assess organizational performance and challenges. He expertly combines the power of strategy, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to deliver calculated, implementable, and sustainable solutions to federal clients. His varied experience includes standing up advanced analytics ecosystems, developing enterprise strategies, driving largescale federal merger and integration transformations, and conducting a variety of assessments aimed at improving the business of government.

Among his accomplishments, Keith helped to stand up a new personnel vetting organization for the Department of Defense, designed an opioid epidemic data hackathon for the Department of Health and Human Services, applied crowdsourcing to combat human trafficking in the shrimp industry, redesigned the national strategy for a bipartisan national organization, used machine learning to create a national network for a White House advanced manufacturing initiative, and developed the strategy to merge two major defense organizations.

Prior to consulting, Keith was a captain in the U.S. Army. He studied philosophy and international relations at the undergraduate and graduate levels, respectively, and obtained his MBA from the University of North Carolina.

Innovation at the Pace of Need

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