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Employee Spotlight: Joe Cartelli

As a project leader at LMI, Joe Cartelli supports two Joint Enterprise Omnibus Program Engineering and Technical Support contracts by managing client relations and five delivery orders. Joe spent the first 36 years of his professional career in government service, leading major programs and initiatives to advance the research, development, and acquisition of chemical and biological defense capabilities for the warfighter. He also served direct line programs as an acquisition team leader and project manager, supporting a wide range of technical advisory, management, and leadership positions in the headquarters of his command.

What are you responsible for as a project manager at LMI?

I manage client relations and the work for five delivery orders assigned to two Joint Enterprise Omnibus Program Engineering and Technical Support contracts.

How long have you been with LMI?

I have been with LMI since February 2019.

What was your role/responsibility at your prior organization? Are there any synergies between your prior role and your current one?

I worked for the Department of Defense (DoD) for 36 years, and my last two roles were project manager and deputy chief of staff. Synergies abound between what I did for the past few decades, and what I am doing today. My role requires that I develop strong relationships with the customer and the cadre of personnel who support contract efforts. Of the multiple moving parts in the program, foremost are human and financial resources. As with my former position, I rely on the expertise and knowledge of my team to keep me abreast of changes and risk areas.

What attracted you to/made you want to continue to work for LMI?

LMI’s culture promotes teamwork, transparency, and professionalism—these remarkable attributes distinguish us from other firms and encourage me to continue working for LMI.

What synergies do you see between LMI and the way the Army operates?

LMI and the Army promote the professional development and mobility of their personnel. LMI’s matrixed structure and service line managers ensure multiple opportunities for growth within the company.

What do you find most interesting about the Joint Program Executive Office’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense (JPEO-CBRND) environment?

The JPEO-CBRND is the underdog of DoD. In a typical year, the CBRND program receives less than 0.2% of DoD’s annual program budget; however, the technology and equipment from its portfolio are invaluable to countering threats to our nation. Finding new technology that is safe, effective, and supportable is a major challenge and I’m thrilled to support dedicated professionals from many technical disciplines working together to solve difficult scientific, engineering, and acquisition management problems.

Who has been your most influential professional mentor, and why?

My most influential professional mentor was Mr. Jim McKvrigan. Early in my career, he taught me the importance of planning and organization, and how to maximize team output by projecting a positive can-do attitude. He liked to assign me difficult projects outside my comfort zone, enabling me to attempt things that others said could not be done.

Where do you see the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) industry going next?

Despite the CBRNE industry’s recent consolidation, over the last 8 months, the industry, particularly support for medical defense, has grown. I foresee growth as long as interagency cooperation between DoD and Health and Human Services continues to counter the threat of emerging diseases.

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Joe Cartelli

Sr. Program Manager Meet Joe

Joe Cartelli

Sr. Program Manager

Joe joined LMI early in 2019 to manage our BioDetection 21 project effort for a Department of Homeland Security client, and, in January 2020, began leading the Joint Enterprise Omnibus Program Engineering and Technical Support indefinite delivery task order contract for a Department of Defense (DoD) client.