Symposium Registration | Real-World Gen AI: A Tool for Today’s Government, A Vision for Tomorrow

September 4, 2024

Innovation at the Pace of Need™, Artificial Intelligence

We’re excited to announce the new date for LMI’s symposium, Real-World Gen AI: A Tool for Today’s Government, A Vision for Tomorrow, is Wednesday, September 4th! The event will bring together senior leaders from government and academia to explore current use cases of generative AI across the government, providing valuable insights into how government agencies are harnessing the power of Gen AI and underscoring that Gen AI is not just a research and development initiative for the future but also a powerful tool to leverage today.

The symposium will feature a keynote address from Dr. William Streilein, CTO of the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO), followed by a fireside chat with Ms. Jennifer Swanson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Data, Engineering & Software (DASA(DES)). Together they will discuss the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI, current uses cases across government today, and unresolved roadblocks that present challenges for the rest of government to consider.  

Additionally, our expert panel will feature leaders invited from NIU, DOS, NASA, VA, and other esteemed institutions to showcase their organization’s practical applications of generative AI and lessons learned from those endeavors.  

Finally, guests will have the opportunity to choose between two sessions to attend: exploring successful use cases of Gen AI in government today or participating in an HCD-led workshop to frame the “Gen AI Way of Thinking”. We will divide the group accordingly based on their preferences.  

Group 1: Demonstrative Use Cases of Successful Deployments of Gen AI Today

This breakout group will present attendees with a series of demonstrative use cases of successful deployments of Gen AI in government agencies today. An interactive Q&A session will follow with LMI experts and exhibition booths featuring live demos of additional use cases to explore.

Group 2: Interactive Exercise for Facilitating the “Gen AI Way of Thinking” for Practical Applications

Attendees will participate in a human-centered design—facilitated workshop, where we will dissect the practical applications of Gen AI and frame how to think about integrating it effectively in your organization. This session will discuss adapting to the current state of technology, lessons learned, awareness of roadblocks and challenges, and more.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we worked with our speakers to confirm the new date, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Wednesday, September 4th, 2024

Time:  9:00 am–1:00 pm ET    

Location: LMI Conference Center, 1 A/B North

Address: 7940 Jones Branch Drive, Tysons, VA 22102  

Dress Code:  Duty Uniform (Military), Business Casual (Civilian)  

Please note that attendance to this workshop is open only to academia and government civil servants.