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LMI Partners With Space Force Association To Launch Space Center of Excellence

April 8, 2021

Tysons, Va. – LMI today announced its title sponsorship and establishment of the Space Force Association (SFA) Space Center of Excellence (COE). The purpose of the Space COE is to provide lean, agile connections and cooperation across space domain educational initiatives and to promote commercial-government-academia research, development, and ideas to promote U.S. Space Force capabilities. The Space COE guides a community of professionals in the pursuit of space domain knowledge. Focus areas include science, technology, policy, and strategy to further the nation’s capabilities. The Space COE enhances the discovery and understanding of the opportunities to contribute to space endeavors and the implications of commercial, civil, military, education, and private enterprises exploring and pursuing those opportunities. 

Bill Woolf, the SFA’s president and founder, said, “LMI is a thought leader and trusted partner to the Department of Defense. We are extremely excited to partner with the talent and expertise of LMI to stand up the Space COE. The first task will be to help quantify challenges and opportunities for the U.S. Space Force and the Guardians assigned. LMI brings a dedicated organization that can apply its experience, objectivity, and resources to enable the continued success of the Space Force through the Center of Excellence.”

LMI Partners with Space Force Association

“LMI has supported the federal government for 60 years and is thrilled to sponsor the Space Force Association Space Center of Excellence. As thought leaders in industry, this partnership with the SFA, which is informed by space leaders with experience and expertise, is a natural fit for LMI,” stated Robert Lech, vice president of LMI’s defense market.

The Space COE has three main objectives:

  1. Hold forums to share ideas and research on the space domain and the nation’s activities and objectives.
  2. Create space professional development programs for the U.S. Space Force, industry, and academia.
  3. Establish funding to support space domain education and research.

The SFA is the premier professional military and space education association in the nation, dedicated to the United States’ dominance in space, a strong national defense, and support for the people of the U.S. Space Force.

About the Space Force Association

Established in 2019, the Space Force Association provides research, analysis, and expertise to inform U.S. space operations policy, strategy, and operations decisions. The SFA brings together space professionals from the military, civil, commercial, and academic communities. Member diversity enables properly connected U.S. space policy and strategy analysis to the realities of physics and engineering that make space operations unique. For more information, please contact or visit Please visit the SFA to learn about upcoming Space Center of Excellence events this May.

Bill Woolf (left), SFA’s president and founder with Doug Wagoner, LMI's CEO.

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