LMI Serves Through Corporate Citizenship

We are a purpose-driven and mission-focused organization and that permeates throughout our corporate social responsibility priorities.

It’s no coincidence that our day-to-day work integrates with our community and social responsibility programs. Like our clients, it’s our mission to serve. Corporate citizenship is therefore deeply embedded into the culture of LMI and has been since its inception.

Our organization and employees donate time and resources in the form of service hours, knowledge capital, philanthropic giving, veteran scholarships, and meaningful partnerships.

60 Years of Service, Impact, and Innovation

The year 2021 marks 60 years of LMI, and we have grown exponentially—not only in numbers but in maturity as a company. We have expanded our reach to become a trusted partner in the government sector. That trust has been developed and fostered by the people who are LMI.

Our Mission in Action

At LMI, we are committed to building the military community workforce of the future through education, training, and mentorship initiatives. 

Military in school

A Shared Purpose: Giving Girls a Running Start

LMI has partnered with Girls on the Run of Northern Virginia, an organization that aligns with our values of leadership, mission focus, and innovation. Through our partnership, we will offer a source of stability to our region's families, fostering the potential of our girls and ultimately promoting the strong, representative leadership we need in our communities, boardrooms, and more.

When Disaster Strikes

When Hurricane Katrina hit the East Coast, the LMI team hopped on the next flight to Georgia to assist the disaster response team in preventing more damage and loss of life.

Hurricane Katrina Rescue Center
LMI's Women's Forum

Women’s Equality Day

LMI celebrates and promotes women’s equality year-round through the LMI Women’s Forum, one of three affinity groups that foster inclusive environments within our workforce.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

National Military Appreciation Month is about honoring our nation’s bravest—those men and women who have willingly dedicated their lives to serve and protect our country. But we also celebrate the sacrifices of military spouses and families.

A photo of the Kipers family for military spouse appreciation day
LMIQ 2019

LMI’s USMMA Team Recognized for Work with Sea Year Program

Awarded the 2018 Paul Ignatius award for their work with the Academy, the team addressed sexual harassment and assault on campus and during Sea Year through innovative training.

USMMA Blog Post

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