2023 National Space Symposium
2023 SAME Small Business Conference
A Better Path to Health Equity: LMI’s Dual Approach
A New Priority: Readying the Strategic National Stockpile
A WWII Woman Refugee’s Struggles and Achievements
About LMI
Accelerate Supply Chain Decision-Making with a New, Proactive Approach
Accelerating Integrated Early Warning for DoD’s CBRN Defense
Addressing Complex Problems
Advancing Access and Equity
Advisory Council
Agile Project Scheduling: The LMI Way
Aircraft Sustainability Model (ASM®) Sparing Model
Alex Adamczyk
Alex Barenblitt
Alexander Holston, MD
Amy Parr
An Agile Framework for Research and Development
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Applied Research & Partnerships
Artificial Intelligence
Ashley Jung
Ashley Jung - Quote
Aspiration to Operation: LMI's Four Key Concepts to Convert Next-Generation, Service-Specific Doctrines into Overwhelming Joint Force Combat Power in the Indo-Pacific
Assessing & Anticipating Rapidly Evolving Capabilities
Audra Upchurch
AUSA Global Force 2023
AUSA Global Force 2024
Barry Durant
Baseline, Strategy & Program Support
Beacon™: Data Management and Analytics Platform
Become a Partner
Better Decisions Leveraging Existing Data: LMI’s Approach to Evidence Act Evaluations
Better Decisions with Analytical Hierarchy Process
Bettina Kolleda
Black History Month Perspective: Donavan Lyons
Blake Ayers
Bob Sadler
Brandon Greenberg
Brandon Hill
Brant Horio
Brian Anuszewski
Brian Tonge
Bruce Kaplan
Business & Digital Transformation
Calculating Your Water Footprint to Improve Resilience
Call on Your Coach to Help You and Your Team Navigate These Challenging Times
Career Development
Carol Christian
Carole Mahady
CDR Dude Underwood (Civil Engineer Corps, USN, Ret.)
Change Management
Changes to Construction Permits for Projects near Bodies of Water
Chris Ayers
Chris Badorrek, PhD
Chris Hagner
Christen Smith
Christina Miniear
Christine Cocrane
Clark Spencer
Climate Barriers to Achieving Health Equity
Commitment to Quality
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Contested Logistics Decision Dominance
Contract Vehicles
Corporate Citizenship
Cost Estimation Best Practices for Better Program Decisions and Outcomes
Countering Threats through Innovative Synergies
Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction
COVID-19 and Supply Chain Resilience: What’s Next?
COVID-19: What Suppliers Can Do Now
Creating a More Robust Military Readiness
Data & Analytics
Data Analytics Can Address the U.S. Substance Abuse Crisis
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge Overview
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge: About
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge: Background
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge: Evaluation
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge: FAQs
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge: Prizes
Data Entrepreneurship Challenge: Rules
David Greinke
David Pustai, PhD
Dawson Oslund
Debra Dennie
Demystifying ChatGPT for Government Leaders
Demystifying the Annual Budget Process
Developing in an Accelerated Future
DHS’ Technological Transformation Must Be Data-Driven
Digital Health and Well-Being
Digital Twin
Diversity in the U.S. Military: Stronger Together
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility
Donna Diederich
Doug Wagoner
Dr. Joseph Norton
Dr. Mark A. Eddings
Dr. Mark Eddings Joins LMI Leadership as Senior Vice President, Space Market
Dr. Soo Kim
Dr. Thomas Lang
Driving Financial Excellence: Dashboarding for Strategic Insights
Dustin Showe
Effective Property Tracking Improves Audit Results
Embracing Change: Overcoming Resistance in an Agile Environment
Emerging Challenges in Combating the Evolving Foreign Investment and Influence Threat
Emerging Issues and Opportunities of the Genomic Data Revolution
Employee Search
Employee Spotlight: John Bogdan, Principal, Biology
Employee Spotlight: Karen LeDoux
Employee Spotlight: Mark Stammler, Consultant, Data Engineering
Employee Spotlight: Meet Corinne Tochman
Employee Spotlight: Meet Jamechia D. Hoyle
Employee Spotlight: Meet Jared Summers
Employee Spotlight: Meet Joe Norton
Employee Spotlight: Meet Jordan Hefferan
Employee Spotlight: Meet Julius D. “J.D.” Spain, Sr.
Employee Spotlight: Meet Karen Goodson
Employee Spotlight: Meet Katherine Coles
Employee Spotlight: Meet Marshall Smith
Employee Spotlight: Meet Randy Dragon
Employee Spotlight: Meet Ray Compton
Employee Spotlight: Meet Scot Stitely
Employee Spotlight: Steve Baker
Enabling Disaster Preparedness in Global Health
Energy & Climate Analytics
Enterprise Agility
Enterprise Maintenance and Operations Support for WIC Program
Eric Herzberg
Eric Oettl
Erwin Villiger
Evaluate Inventory and Financial Impacts Before Making Changes
Exciting Results Behind the Scenes of Account Reconciliation
Featured Solutions
Federating Data Management Through Data Mesh
Five Practices for Building Resilience: For You and Your Team
Flexible Standards Strengthen CBRN Survivability
Forge™ Tech Showcase & Human Capital Analytics Workshop
Forge™ Technology Studio
Forge™ Technology Studio: Case Studies
Forge™ Technology Studio: Prototypes
Francis Reilly Jr.
From “Concept to Capability”: LMI’s Dingman on Defense Innovation
GAO High-Risk Series: Supply Chain Management
Gary Barber
Generative AI Renaissance
Gernie Purnell
Golden Bear 3: Mike Dingman on Fostering Innovation
Government Property Management
Greatest Challenges for Making Effective Policy?
Gus Creedon
Harnessing Sensor Data
Health & Civilian
Health Care System Visualization & Simulation
Health Policy Transformation
Health Solutions
Healthcare Compliance
Heather Burnett
Helping the Best Become Even Better
Here’s How To Leverage Data for Health Equity
Homeland Security
How Guided Conversations Can Help Leaders with Challenging Topics and Result in Positive Actions
How Telehealth Can Improve Access to Mental Health Care
How the FDA Can Improve the Vaccine Approval Process
How to Strengthen Cybersecurity Strategic Planning
How Value-Based Care Can Improve for Patients, Providers and Payers Post COVID-19
How We Innovate
Human Capital Analytics & the Workforce of the Future
Implementing AI in Government
Infrastructure Resilience
Initial Outfitting Support to Military Health Facilities
Innovating the PPBE Process at the Pace of Need
Innovation in VA Health
Innovation Space
Innovative Advancements for More Equitable Healthcare
Integrating IoT and Sensors To Improve Infrastructure Management Systems
Intelligent Readiness & Modernization
Internet of Things (IoT)
Interoperability Can Unlock the Future of Healthcare
James Choung
James McNabb
Jane McTigue
Jane McTigue
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Jennifer Shafer
Jeremy Erb
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