Rob Kline

Principal, Data Analysis

Rob Kline

Rob is a longtime LMI expert in systems modeling, data analytics, logistics analyses, and software development. He is one of the principal architects of LMI’s Aircraft Sustainability Model®, a breakthrough method for computing spares requirements for complex technology systems. Developed for the U.S. Air Force to ensure squadron readiness during deployments, the model has produced an average savings in spares inventory of 20%–30% over traditional item-oriented methods.

Rob has led capability assessment programs for the U.S. Air Force and other Department of Defense customers as well as foreign air forces and large commercial aerospace companies. He has advised NASA on the space station, space shuttle, and potential Mars missions.

Rob holds a master’s degree in computer science from George Washington University, a master’s degree in energy management and the environment from the University of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree in biology and geology from the University of Rochester.

"Working with people who listen and expand on each other’s ideas provides the synergism for the task to produce something much more than what the client expects, something that will make a difference."