Taking Inventory to the Next Level

Invest Your Resources Where They’ll Have the Greatest Benefit

These tools, unique in the industry, enable companies to spend scarce logistics resources more efficiently. Trade off different dimensions of supply chain performance to find the solution that best fits your company’s goals and priorities.

Aircraft Sustainability Model (ASM®) Sparing Model

Optimizing Investment in Spares

The military aviation community's gold standard for asset sustainability is now available to meet private-sector challenges.


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FINISIM—Financial and Inventory Simulation Model

Evaluate Inventory and Financial Impacts Before Making Changes

FINISIM is a discrete event simulation that provides rapid analyses of complex, large-scale inventory and financial systems and the interaction between them, tracking supply chain–related financial metrics.

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Peak Policy and Next Generation (PNG) Inventory Models

Using Risk Management to Optimize Inventory

LMI’s acclaimed tool for managing infrequent demand or frequent highly variable demand within your inventory.

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SysLinks™—System Optimization and Network Linkages

Improving the Performance of Complex Systems

SysLinks is the first practical method for linking reliability and maintainability models with spares optimization for complex networks.

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Supply Chain Engineering

Supply chain engineering at LMI incorporates cutting-edge modeling and simulation, advanced analytics, and over 60 years of supply chain expertise. 

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