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55 Years of Service, Impact, and Character

November 21, 2016

LMI Staff

If there’s anything that our history has taught us at LMI, it’s the power and impact of service on our community and our customers.

Under the Kennedy administration and championed by then-Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, LMI was created to establish “a special, full-time organization of highly talented business management specialists” to solve “highly complex problems of long standing” in logistics management. McNamara’s commitment to public service, coupled with his experience as an analytical decision maker, set the foundation for LMI on October 3, 1961.

For the past 55 years, LMI has worked on what we believe is right for whom we serve, not what brings us the highest financial advantage. LMI’s service-oriented mission stands out in our industry, and we embrace this difference. It is what allows us to bring our clients the practical and original solutions they need to reach their aims. Our commitment to serve is the basis of our client’s trust, and it is how we have been able to make a difference for so many people, globally and domestically. It’s the reason why we believe in giving back to the communities in which we work and live—and following through with tangible action. It's what attracts so many service-minded individuals to join our ranks, so they can honor their ideals and positively influence their world.

It’s the essence of who we always have been and who we always will be—a leader in character, a leader in service, and a leader in impact.

To honor our history of service, LMI is making two strategic investments to further its impact on our clients and communities. First, LMI is investing in five $10,000 scholarships for student veterans through a new partnership with Student Veterans of America, an organization that helps yesterday’s warriors and today’s scholars become tomorrow’s leaders. Second, LMI is also implementing its first-ever employee volunteer incentive program, giving each employee 5.5 hours of paid leave to conduct service in his or her community. LMIers will have the chance to go into their communities and make an impact during the workday.

In our 55 years of service, LMI has made great contributions and impact on the communities we call home, both in the United States and abroad. With this in mind and at heart, LMI is chronicling the remarkable impact the company and its employees have had by launching a campaign to tell 55 stories of service—not just from client sites and research projects but also from the overwhelming majority of employees who serve their communities and nation every day.

From our stellar regional Southeast employees, such as Tim Stone who helps bring healthcare to villages in Honduras, to all LMIers who raised $196,636 for the Children’s Hospital, LMI is proud of our past 55 years of service and is looking forward to 55 more.


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