Data Science

August 31, 2017

LMI Staff

Most people call data analytics a “science,” but at LMI, we see it as an “art.” Our approach to data analytics is driven by the desire to uncover answers to the hardest data-driven questions. We frame the questions to get the most useful answers.

The science part of LMI’s approach is our ability to apply a variety of computational methods to analyze large volumes of data. The art is in the way we work with our clients to sift through these data—using our domain and contextual knowledge to recognize the resulting patterns. Nurtured in an atmosphere of inspired creativity, we often find the answers to important questions not yet conceived—or even considered possible—by our clients.

Get to the Point of Your Data

From healthcare to human resources, process improvement to predictive modeling, we embed our subject matter experts and data analysts within our clients’ organizations to apply the most appropriate computational approaches to their specific challenges. Harnessing insights from data drives better decisions, and it allows missions—and the people behind them—to advance.

Data-driven analyses enable organizational leaders to successfully deviate from structures that are already in place and allow these organizations to, ultimately, accomplish bigger and better things. This is what excites us most about our work.

We Help Find “Diamonds in the Rough”

When we perform data analysis, we do not check off boxes. Rather, we think outside of them to create advances that will transform the way our clients “see” their organization and how they set corporate strategy and work every day. Within LMI, we have created an innovation-inspired culture that grows out of independent thinking and genuine collaboration. We lean on each other to solve our clients’ hardest challenges. We take that spirit to our clients, aiming to work with them rather than for them.

For example, we tap into large amounts of applicant data by using algorithms that can learn the types of talent our clients are seeking. These algorithms have proven to be highly adept at matching our clients’ most pressing talent needs to their vast amounts of data on potential recruits. We built these algorithms so that our clients can find the precious “diamonds in the rough” in an enormous landscape. We also created a recruiting automation tool that uses advanced algorithms to move well beyond keyword searches to comb the internet for high-quality candidates that our clients otherwise may have overlooked or never knew existed.

Using Data in Innovative Ways

Our Data Analytics team is pioneering an approach that links diverse data sets from the fields of climate and energy and combines these data with powerful predictive algorithms to enable our clients to predict energy consumption costs in the coming year. Such models will allow government agencies to better manage their energy portfolio costs.

Internally, we host data analytics challenges centered on difficult client questions to foster an exciting atmosphere of friendly competition that spurs creativity. During these challenges, LMI provides the support needed to imagine and explore the endless possibilities inherent in all forms of data. We do not know in advance what these data may reveal, but we are confident that they hold important answers.

With that in mind, we push ourselves, always, to cultivate new innovations that help our clients use data in a better way. The art of data science is not in how we analyze it but in how we relate it to the challenges facing our clients.


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