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LogSmart™ Supply: Turning Supply Chain Risks into Decisive Action

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The federal government’s most valuable resource to combat supply chain risk has always been data. But data alone isn’t enough, especially in high-stakes situations when every second counts. That’s why we built LogSmart™ Supply—to give decision makers the most complete insight into their supply chains. Powered by machine learning, LogSmart™ Supply maximizes your existing illumination ecosystem by leveraging your data to run our modeling and simulation engine against custom scenarios that assess the impacts of every risk. Armed with this crucial information, you can make strategic and tactical decisions on emerging situations, like evolving political climates, foreign ownership crises, or shipment delays.  

Learn how LogSmart™ Supply puts agencies in the driver's seat to decrease the risk of mission failure and accelerate decision-making.

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Using Decades of Experience To Effectively Mitigate Supply Chain Risk  

Modern supply chains are more vulnerable than ever. Faceless cybercriminals are growing increasingly sophisticated each day, jumping on any vulnerabilities in government supply chains to seize highly sensitive data. Not only do attacks place a hefty financial burden on agencies, they also slow down operations at large while officials patch any vulnerabilities and rebuild their operations.  

Cybercrime is just one piece of the supply chain risk puzzle, though. Agencies must also combat challenges like these: 

  • Foreign ownership (FOCI) 
  • Political and regulatory issues 
  • Operational challenges 
  • Part-related risks 
  • Transportation. 

It’s time for agencies to get proactive. After seeing how destructive supply chain disruptions can be — and how long it typically takes to generate new risk data insights — LMI developed a superior solution for modeling supply chain insights. Built and refined by LMI’s expert team of data scientists, our unique simulation engine uses your supply chain data to feed powerful machine learning models that deliver and assess available courses of action. We can help you go from an identified risk to an optimized mitigation, whether that means identifying alternate vendors, buying additional inventory, or even building new warehouses. LogSmart™ Supply will minimize your risk and maximize your ROI.   

Actionable Data That Eliminates The Waiting Game

LogSmart™ Supply predicts scenario impacts to companies, programs, and parts, providing agencies with complete insight into supply chain risks and opportunities.  

For example, if there’s an emerging political threat in a foreign country that could affect an agency’s largest supplier, LogSmart™ Supply will analyze unstructured and structured data to map out the potential impact scenarios. From there, it will provide a list of mitigation options, such as other viable local suppliers or the cost of stocking up on supplies immediately, before the supplier is affected. 

When the stakes are high, waiting for essential intelligence isn’t an option. LogSmart™ Supply eliminates the waiting game. With its intuitive interface, anyone on the team can use it; agencies no longer need to have a team member manually run models or generate reports. Plus, it’s extensible and vendor-agnostic—meaning it can pair with the supply chain solutions you already use and trust.  

With advanced technologies like LogSmart™ Supply and strong partnerships with our customers, we’re excited to continue our mission of powering a future-ready, high-performing government. Together, we’re building a stronger, more resilient today and tomorrow that increases mission performance. 

LogSmart™ Supply predicts scenario impacts to companies, programs, and parts, providing agencies with complete insight into supply chain risks and opportunities.