Supply Chain Mitigation and Resilience

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    Supply Chain Resilience programs create value by developing and implementing cost-effective, impactful investment strategies to strengthen supply chain resiliency. LMI’s supply and demand side risk optimization tools allow us to stress-test your environment to identify meaningful and cost-effective strategies to reduce your risk exposure.

Identify the Right Mitigations at Scale and Speed to Implement Effective Solutions

A truly comprehensive supply network resilience program must include scenario-based modeling of supply side issues (e.g., availability of manufacturing capacity) and demand side shocks (varying requirements). Scenario-based planning and the resultant analytics enable our clients to mitigate risk, reduce cost, and develop tailorable investment solutions so they can quickly and effectively respond to known and unknown issues.

LMI uses scenario-based modeling to test mitigation policies against current supply chain and risk data to better understand how to most effectively mitigate short and long-term risk within supplier networks. Using a supply chain digital twin, we can help organizations proactively plan for risks.

Monitor for Changes

Supply chains can be affected without warning. After mitigating a problem, your organization will need to monitor the new risk environment to ensure operating parameters remain consistent with established risk tolerances. LMI will develop KPIs for your risk-adjusted environment to ensure supply chain objectives are achieved. LMI’s supply chain monitoring enables your organization to quickly respond to changes or disruptions in your supplier network. LMI implements solutions and tracks improvements and evolutions to your SCRM program, helping you maintain a leading edge in risk management.

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    LogSmart™ Supply

    LogSmart™ Supply empowers decision makers to boost supply chain resiliency by providing the most complete insights into the risks and opportunities present in the supply chains you depend on. As the only solution with risk modeling and simulation capabilities, you'll get on-demand risk mitigation intelligence that lets you make informed decisions faster.