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Next-Level Program Management with Master Scheduling

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Advanced programs have diverse milestones and end goals. Executives require an abstract, high-level summary of these elements while analysts need concrete, actionable details. A well-engineered and tailored schedule enables all stakeholders to access the appropriate information to achieve mission success.

As a leader in tailored schedules, LMI offers our customers cutting-edge software application bundles so that programs reach the next level of program management and their full potential. LMI supplies simplified solutions to challenging customer requests that span organizational tiers, programs, and departments. Our automated schedules update in real time with up-to-date information on milestones and critical changes.

Executives receive decision support products with the level of information that they require from schedulers who toggle between views to generate artifacts for organizational tiers. Project managers filter and select pertinent schedule information and analysts sift through granular details for tracking and analysis. The benefits related to automation and customized views save time and energy, contributing to a more efficient workflow and better business decisions at all levels.

Our expanded schedules are built to last. By working closely with our customers and using automation, LMI ensures ease of maintenance for schedules throughout the lifecycle of projects. LMI assists with further development and required maintenance through training and documentation.

The LMI scheduling approach is holistic. From start to finish, we implement the customer’s evolving needs into fully accessible schedules. Throughout the process, LMI uses cutting-edge digital solutions, like KIDASA Milestones Professional, Microsoft (MS) Project, Oracle Primavera P6, XerTransfer, and Steelray Project Analyzer, for scalability and flexibility.

Supporting the Customs and Border Protection Program Management Office Directorate

In 2019, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Program Management Office Directorate (PMOD) requested that LMI develop an integrated master schedule across over 20 programs of varying complexities. The customer asked for detailed schedules as well as one-page executive-level schedules. With the limitations of the client provided scheduling software, LMI switched to another tool to create an effective single-page executive summary. Additionally, through custom built schedule filters and use of Steelray Project Analyzer, LMI completed various health checks and maintained the schedules in alignment with the Government Accountability Office best practices. Finally, LMI created a standard operating procedure document for continued development and maintenance of the schedules.

The CBP PMOD Master Schedule is just one example showcasing the depth and breadth of LMI’s scheduling capabilities. As experts in multiple software applications, LMI schedulers produce top-notch, detailed schedules for our customers. We use XerTransfer for full schedule integration with MS Project and Oracle Primavera P6 schedules to ensure the availability of details for analysis that supports business decisions. Through this sophisticated elevation of program management, executives and project managers benefit from insights formed from all available information. Implementing these schedules at all levels in an organization helps with maintaining goals and deadlines. The schedules are customized and easily maintained throughout the lifecycle of projects.

LMI is ready to assist customers with complex needs and advanced challenges. Using innovative software and tools, LMI defines a clear and custom strategy to fit the project framework and enable customers to achieve mission success. Advanced scheduling capabilities allow all users to interact with schedules at appropriate levels of detail. From year-to-year goals to day-to-day tasks, LMI ensures that our customers deliver all requirements on time. 

As experts in multiple software applications, LMI schedulers produce top-notch, detailed schedules for our customers.

LMI and our logistics experts balance cost, efficiency, quality, and the availability of people, facilities, and infrastructure to supply organizations with the resources to complete their critical missions. Scheduling is one piece of project management, but a comprehensive schedule improves communication, resource utilization, and deliverables. To learn more about LMI’s scheduling capabilities, please reach out to Chris Alberts.